April 15, 2013

Mar 25, 2013

Today is my birthday!  I woke up to find the Grimes decorated the house with balloons and Happy Birthday signs.  Sister Grimes is making hot dogs and hamburgers tonight for my Birthday dinner.  Hermana Crandall made me "breakfast in bed".  It was more of when I got out of the shower, she brought the food up to our room and we ate on the floor.  She is the sweetest.  I'm happy my Birthday fell on Preparation day.  It's been pretty relaxed and nice so far.  We went and got our weekly annual frozen yogurt.  I got Cookies-n-Cream and Blackberry Cheesecake.  It was delicious.  Then just a few minutes ago here at the church (where we email home) all the Elders in the Zone sang to me.  They are great. Ha ha.. It's been a great day. 
Well news from this week.  Leo did not come to church yesterday, so we will have to push back her baptism.  Also she is headed to Mexico end of next week so it will be a while for her. :(  We are really concerned for this push back but can't do anything about it.  We do have Candy's baptism this Saturday though!  Not sure what all I have mentioned about her.  She was a referral from the Elders in Hughson.  Candy is 12 years old and goes to church with her 15 year old sister Jennifer in Hughson.  Jennifer lives there with some members.  Candy lives here in Modesto.  So we got special permission from President Gelwix that we can baptism Candy in our ward but she can attend the ward she's been going to with her sister in Hughson.  It's complex but either way we are excited for her and can't wait till Saturday!  Yesterday we had a hard time getting people to church.  1st: it's hard because a lot of the people here don't drive so we have to find rides for them.  2nd: with how big our area is, it's hard to find members who can make the trip and back.  3rd: the people just don't understand the importance of church attendance.  Well we stopped at one of our investigators homes yesterday morning to invite them.  They had family over so I figured it would be a no.  They said they would but I felt they were just saying that to get rid of us.  Church started and no sign of them.  I was sad.  But after the opening prayer, I looked out the door and there they were!  Minerva and Antonio stood there.  But it wasn't just them, it was the WHOLE FAMILY!!!!!  Ahhh it was just insane!  We went and found a bigger bench and sat with them.  I couldn't believe it.  They are such great people and I have my fingers crossed so tightly for them!  There is just something about the 2 of them that I love so much.  I pray the Lord can touch their hearts and let them know that what we have taught them is true.
This past week I met someone from Leon, Mexico and I told her my cousin is there!  She was excited!  Being here, I have met SO many people from all over the world.  Chile, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Salvador, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Guatamala, Mexico, and even Baghdad!  It's fun!
This past week I got to have interviews wtih President and Sister Gelwix.  They are just so great and so in tuned to the spirit.  I'm grateful for their service here and the hard work they put forward.  We had a trainer/trainee meeting Wednesday so we were in Fresno all day there.  That was great as well.  That evening I went on transfers with Hermana Organista and Hermana McArthur.  It was great learning from them and seeing how they do things there in Fresno.  Thursday as I went out with them, I realized how much I love Modesto.  Fresno is sure pretty with all the fruit trees and vineyards, but they have cockroaches!!!! :P  As we were sitting in on lessons, you'd see them crawling next to you.  EEEKKK!!!  I quickly set my bag on my lap and bunched up my skirt and kept my eyes peeled.  So gross!  One house we walked in and there were cob webs and spiders EVERYWHERE!!!  How could you NOT kill them when they are dangling right in front of you?!  They opened a cupboard and there were beetles crawling all over their stuff.  Gahh I get the heebee geebeez just thinking about it.  I haven't seen any of that here in Modesto thankfully. (yet atleast) 
Les quiero mucho!

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