April 15, 2013

April 8, 2013

Well I made it through my first "transfer".  I however will stay in Modesto with Hermana Crandall till my training is done.  But our Zone is gonna change a lot.  Only a few of us are staying. 
This week was good.  The more we meet with Antonio and Minerva, the more I am touched.  Apparently the first time we met them (when did a Harvesting Blessing with them) Antonio was jobless and they were sitting out on their porch questioning what to do.  We showed up and prayed with them and got a return appointment.  Well this past week Antonio and Minerva opened up and said how after that prayer, jobs started opening up.  He now has 4 jobs.  They keep saying that we are their angels.  They love everything we have taught and really find something special with this church.  At our latest visit with them this week, we asked Antonio to say the closing prayer.  He was very uncomfortable with the invite, but after some time, he finally said it.  He broke down in tears as he prayed thanking God for us missionaries to come and teach him and his wife.  They have seen many miracles the last couple weeks with this new knowledge in their lives.  They are keeping commitments and just have a great attitude.  Hopefully we can get a baptism going for them this month.  But I love visiting them and seeing the love they have for each other.  Such a cute couple.  My fingers are crossed super tight for them. :)
Last night we visited Candy and her siblings.  Her little brother is hilarious.  We talked to them all about being kind to each other and loving others.  They live the "eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth" kind of life.  They love tattle-telling on eachother when we're there so it becomes more of confession time than anything.  Ha ha..  But I told Maiki (Candy's little brother) that whenever his sisters call him a name to just say "I love you!" and walk out of the room.  They all laughed at this idea, but I am holding them all to it! :)  Well during our visit, Maiki started sharing everything with us. He gave me his cookie, a strawberry, and a popsicle treasure box he made.  It was very cute to see him already take into place what our lesson was on.  As we were leaving, he came up to me, hugged me, and said "I love you!".  Ha ha.. such an adorable hilarious little kid.
Conference was good.  No one really showed up at the church to watch other than us missionaries.  So it was weird.  But I enjoyed all the talks.  The last session we watched it in Spanish in the Relief Society room because one of our investigators showed up.  I loved Neil A. Andersens talk of course.  Go missionaries!  :)  I loved the Sunday morning session the most.  It was all the people I've heard in person or met.  In the MTC M. Russell Ballard came the last night I was there (don't think I ever told you that), and Sister Wixom spoke in Relief Society there too.  We met L. Tom Perry in the Manti Pageant. etc.  The biggest thing I got from conference was Obedience.  We need to be 100% obedient.  Not 99% or 76%.
 I miss you all so much.  There are moments where time goes quickly; other times where the clock never moves.  15 more Fast Sundays or about 430 more days.  
- hermana Sorensen

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