May 26, 2014

May 19, 2014

I can't wait to see how the yard looks.  I'd say you could send me pictures, but I think it will be fun being surprised instead.  Hopefully the weather will be nice that day.  Fingers crossed!!!!  That's exciting Stephanie is having a baby!  Does Callie have a wedding date?  And that's okay about Chad being blessed on the 1st.  Sure it would have been fun to be there, but I understand.  I guess they just have to let me play with him and get him all to myself when I get back. ;)

Who was the returned missionary?  I have a rough draft already of my talk but it's hard not being able to sit down and just write it all and figure it all out.  Hopefully we won't be TOO busy that weekend I get back so I still have some time to work on it.

Glad to hear all is well there in Syracuse.  Things here in Hanford are good too.  Beyond hot though.  We had a couple days in the 100's this week.  And to make it even better, we don't have a big teaching pool, so we had to do a lot of finding this week and knocking doors.  It was tough.  On Friday after planning, that's all we did till night time.  We actually met a couple good potentials.  One is Morgan Kelly.  Apparently we met her a few weeks ago and gave her a card.  So after saying a prayer with her she said she recognized us.  We tried to figure out where and when, and then we did.  She lost the card (not sure if she intentionally did it or not) but she was really happy to see us and told us her grandpa died a few months ago and left her his old family Bible.  She didn't know why he was giving it to her and not her other family members.  But meeting us she felt like it was her grandpa telling her she needs to learn more about the bible and Christ.  We tried to set up a time to come back, but she told us the house we were at was actually her boyfriends parents house.  She was just there taking care of the animals while they were out of town.  So finding her was a miracle itself.  She gave us her number and we gave her ours.  We were kind of bumbed with no address or appointment (all missionaries worst nightmare).  We figured it just probably wasn't suppose to be.  Yesterday though we figured to invite her to church.  She nicely responded and said she was at her nieces b-day party.  We told her to let us know when she was free this week to meet up.  Well this morning during studies she texted us and said she wants to meet this Wednesday!  Sister Bee and I were jumping for joy!  I think she's the first person that I've ever found on my mission who actually kept their word and called/texted us on when to meet.  We are excited to meet with her.  Hopefully it keeps going this way and that she loves the message we share with her about Christ and his gospel.

Had a good lesson with Josefina this week.  I don't think she will be getting baptized the end of this month as we had planned, but I know for a fact that she will very soon.  Gonna have to make a trip out for that day!  She really is the greatest.  I hope she continues doing these things.  I'm seeing a lot this transfer of the danger of staying in your comfort zone. I think that's the problem with all our investigators right now.  They are fine where they are at action wise other than they know they should be doing something.  We told Ivy that we give her these assignments to help her grow.  I think if she really doesn't start doing these simple things we are asking her, then I think it's just not her time and we need to put our attention on others.  We haven't been able to find Dennis home the past week and more.  Not sure where he went.  It's hard to get a hold of him.  You either catch him all the time for a good section of time, and then he drops of the earth for some time, and then back to visiting him, etc.

Funny moments of the week:
- Met "chatty" Kathy. (she's disabled after a coma) Met her at the Rehab center.  She told us a bunch of jokes and would not let us go without telling us all of them.  My favorite....
knock knock....who's there.....oink....oink who.....are you a pig or an owl?
- Had a conversation with the elders the other day. We'd only text them scripture references back and forth
- Was at the Relief Society activity (Activity day girls served us ladies a mothers day dinner) and then they performed for us impromptu.  Of coarse they all chose to sing and perform Frozen for all of us.  So if THAT didn't get me even more anxious to see it, I don't know what will! :P
- Shot a "Bug-a-salt" gun!  (look it up on ebay!)

Well I can't think of much else to write about.  It was just a week full of finding.  Can't wait to see you all in 16 days!  I'll start praying for nice weather for us that Sunday.  Ohh and did Bishop say how long he wants my talk to be?  Let me know.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I've been so blessed to have you all in my life and supporting me in this journey.  I could not have done it without you all.  Thank you!  Until next week.
-Sister Sorensen

May 12, 2014

It was so good to hear and see all of you yesterday!!!!!  It's crazy to see how much has changed in all of you. (mostly your blue hair Kimberly) :P  It was weird to me in that I felt like I just talked to all of you, but I guess that was Christmas time.  It will be even weirder to see you all in 3 weeks.  I've been thinking more of the questions you asked, and last night as I laid in bed, I realized the biggest thing that I am going to miss being here is the service I have been able to give.  We visited a bunch of the widows and mothers in the ward who don't have kids and family around to wish them a happy mothers day yesterday and it hit me that this has been my job every day for the past 17 months, to cheer up the sad and help them feel loved not only by me, but by our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ.  We stopped at Josefina's to drop off a card and candy and she didn't say much, but I could literally feel that she needed that and just seeing her smile made me realize what I'm going to miss.  Yes I can and will do service and help others when I get home, but being a set apart representative of Christ, it's a different kind of service.  I guess you that have served missions might understand me.  All my time and attention has been on helping Gods children here and I know I have seen tender mercies through out this time.  I love it and will truly miss it.

What I won't miss is waking up at 6:15 every morning!  Ha ha.. jk.  It's actually nice getting things done early. :) I also won't miss this heat. I won't miss the cockroaches, giant june bugs, groundhogs, and pesky dogs that either bite you or jump on you either.  Never will I live in the Fresno valley again. Ha ha..  

For meals when I get back, please no stir fry for at least a month.  I've had that over 10 times in the past month I bet.  Must be a Hanford thing.  The Lemon Chicken pasta does sound pretty good, (my version though not Laura's. Sorry Laura!) and I would LOVE to have that Ice Cream rice crispy dessert.  Mmmmmm...  For the Sunday meal, I'm fine with just sandwiches and salads.  There is a yummy fruit dip a member made here so I'll get the recipe for that to have.  We could have apples, grapes, pineapple, etc. to dip in it.  I'll keep thinking of stuff though.  I'm excited to try out the few recipes that I have gotten with you all.  Don't have much now, but hopefully I'll get more once I get home when the ladies email me.

Well I don't have much to write this week only because nothing has changed a whole lot since the last 24 hours..  Ha ha..  I love you all though and I hope you had a good Mothers Day mom.  Happy Birthday Mark.  I did send you a card, but wasn't able to send it out on time, so it should be there some time later this week.  Sorry!  Happy Birthdays to all that are coming up, Anniversaries, graduations, parties, etc.  I will give you all a personal greeting when I get back. :)

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
- Sister Sorensen

May 7, 2014

May 7, 2014

Things here in Hanford California are going well.  May has been good to us so far.  We had a really awful heat wave last week but luckily Monday and yesterday it cooled down.  I'm just glad I'll miss the heat this summer. 

Well today we had the temple.  We got lost and didn't make it on time, so we ended up doing initiatory's.  I was kind of bummed, but I guess I get to go in 4 weeks before I leave anyway.  My mind is so scatter brained right now sorry.  And also I can't write everything or else I won't have anything to talk about on Sunday!!!!!  Yes we can Skype, so get it working!  We'll be Skyping at Sister Couch's.  Maybe we can try for 4:30 your time, 3:30 my time?  Sister Bee is having her family call at 6:30ish their time (which would be the same time).  Not sure if you can Skype 2 at a time on the same user.  SO....I'll have Sister Couch call or text you if something changes or final details.  But let's plan on 4:30 for now if that's okay.  I can't wait to see and hear you all!!!!!!!!!!!!  Remember it's 40 minutes.

 Yesterday morning I read through my journal and I felt very proud of myself for the growth I've made and the things that I've learned.  I know I've failed in many areas, but I've tried to do better.   I'm trying to stay strong and end strong.

So we don't have any real new investigators, just still the ones we've been working with.  We set a baptism date with Josefina for the 24th.  She finally accepted a date and actually accepted it very well.  I'm so happy for her.  She's my 44yr old BFF!!! :) Ha ha ha..  We also have a date with Dennis for the 31st.  Got to get him to stop smoking first.  Ivy still has a date for the 31st as well.  Not sure how she is feeling about that.  AND!!!!!! We finally got back into Tionna and Daneea's house and talked to them and Dion (the mom) after a month.  Turns out that a certain sister missionary I was companions with for 2 transfers before Sister Bee........pushed their buttons too much and they did not like her.  When they found out she was gone and accepted my apology, she gave us permission to come back again and teach the girls!!!  YAY!!!!!!!  We're going to take it slow, but I am so happy we squared everything around and are back in that house.

Don't know what else really to say.  Ohh I did catch someone stealing and totally caught them and asked for the item!  It was in the morning when we were running.  There are lots of dumpster divers here and this lady was walking around collecting water bottles.  She went past this apartment complex and picked up a plastic baby scooter.  I ran up to her and asked her for the scooter and told her it belongs to the boy that lives there.  She looked embarresed she was caught.  So I took it and ran it back to the house.  The next day I saw the scooter in a different place in the yard and smiled knowing that the kid enjoyed riding it that day without even knowing it almost went missing.  Ha ha..  

Well I don't know much else to say.  I can't wait to talk to you all Sunday!  Happy Mothers Day mom and Happy Birthday Mark on Monday.  I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Hermana Sorensen

May 2, 2014

April 28, 2014

Thank you all for the updates, pictures, and letters.  I'm so glad everything worked out for Amanda and Dameon, Sabrina and Chad.  I am just so excited to meet them and Packer!  So many new faces to meet I guess when I get home!
Things this past week have been good.  I have a great new companion.  Sister Bee is bubbly and energetic which helps me to be bubbly and energetic as well.  Yes she is from Georgia.  Most of my companions have been from the south but yet have no accents.  Kinda sad.  She's 25 yrs old though and goes home in July.  

Well not much has happened this week.  We did lots of service.  Probably not the best use of our time, but it was good to get some good hours in.  On Tuesday we helped clean a house for a lady in the ward who just lost her sister and needed help getting the house ready for family.  Then later in the week we helped our ward decorate for the Mormon Prom.  The theme was Wizard of Oz.  Guess I'm gonna have to watch that when I get back too because I was lost.  Never seen it all the way through.  On Saturday morning we also had Mormon helping hands.  We painted walls and slides at a water park.  Sister Bee and I painted a killer whale and angel fishes.  It was a bit chilly because we too had a rain storm the day
before (and hail).  Are shoes were super muddy.  But it was fun being out with the ward doing service.  Does Utah do Mormon Helping Hands?  Hopefully you get the pictures I sent through.  Can't wait to explain them more in depth.  

We've been working a lot in getting to know the members better and figuring out who all the inactive members are.  Haven't found many new investigators this week.  Still trying to work with Tionna and Daneea, Josefina, and Ivy.  Ivy started opening up to us on why she's struggling with the gospel.  She has a lot of anger still towards God in something that happened to their family 5 years ago that they are still trying to get through.  She doesn't know why this is happening and why they can't find a way out yet.  So we're trying to help her understand why we have trials and certain challenges in life.  Any suggestions or stories to share with her?

Man I am stumped at what to write about.  Sorry!  I did get lost here and we started driving up the off ramp to the freeway.  Thank goodness we noticed the arrows on the road showing it was a one way.  So we quickly turned around.  ha ha..  Not fun getting lost in another state.  I guess just getting lost any where!  Ohh.. this Sunday Jessica spoke in sacrament meeting!  She just shared her conversion story.  I have never seen a ward talk so much about a recent convert than I have with her.  The ward loves her and are being taught so much from her.  I know she is what they need to help get them excited about missionary work and reigniting their conversion process.  Couldn't stop smiling the whole time she was up there.  So proud of her.  :)

So for Mothers day I'm thinking I'll call either in the morning (if we don't have meetings) or once you guys get home from church. (So my church starts at 11:30, so 12:30 your time.)  So maybe I could call like 10:00 here, 11:00 your time.  What time works best though for everyone else?  I can definitely call later in the evening too to catch more of you all home.  Unless I'm just talking to mom! ;) Let me know though!  Haven't heard if we are allowed to use Skype again...but I guess a phone call is just fine this round in knowing I will see you all 3 weeks after that. :D  Eeekkkk!!!!!

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!  Good luck this week with everything!  And if there is anything you want me to pick up here in California, please let me know!!!  What kind of souvenirs do you want?  I don't even know what I want.  Haven't found much.  So you all might have to be fine with shirts or something.  But please let me know!  I'll be doing a lot of shopping the next few weeks here in Hanford and Fresno to find stuff. :)

Take care!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo