May 26, 2014

May 12, 2014

It was so good to hear and see all of you yesterday!!!!!  It's crazy to see how much has changed in all of you. (mostly your blue hair Kimberly) :P  It was weird to me in that I felt like I just talked to all of you, but I guess that was Christmas time.  It will be even weirder to see you all in 3 weeks.  I've been thinking more of the questions you asked, and last night as I laid in bed, I realized the biggest thing that I am going to miss being here is the service I have been able to give.  We visited a bunch of the widows and mothers in the ward who don't have kids and family around to wish them a happy mothers day yesterday and it hit me that this has been my job every day for the past 17 months, to cheer up the sad and help them feel loved not only by me, but by our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ.  We stopped at Josefina's to drop off a card and candy and she didn't say much, but I could literally feel that she needed that and just seeing her smile made me realize what I'm going to miss.  Yes I can and will do service and help others when I get home, but being a set apart representative of Christ, it's a different kind of service.  I guess you that have served missions might understand me.  All my time and attention has been on helping Gods children here and I know I have seen tender mercies through out this time.  I love it and will truly miss it.

What I won't miss is waking up at 6:15 every morning!  Ha ha.. jk.  It's actually nice getting things done early. :) I also won't miss this heat. I won't miss the cockroaches, giant june bugs, groundhogs, and pesky dogs that either bite you or jump on you either.  Never will I live in the Fresno valley again. Ha ha..  

For meals when I get back, please no stir fry for at least a month.  I've had that over 10 times in the past month I bet.  Must be a Hanford thing.  The Lemon Chicken pasta does sound pretty good, (my version though not Laura's. Sorry Laura!) and I would LOVE to have that Ice Cream rice crispy dessert.  Mmmmmm...  For the Sunday meal, I'm fine with just sandwiches and salads.  There is a yummy fruit dip a member made here so I'll get the recipe for that to have.  We could have apples, grapes, pineapple, etc. to dip in it.  I'll keep thinking of stuff though.  I'm excited to try out the few recipes that I have gotten with you all.  Don't have much now, but hopefully I'll get more once I get home when the ladies email me.

Well I don't have much to write this week only because nothing has changed a whole lot since the last 24 hours..  Ha ha..  I love you all though and I hope you had a good Mothers Day mom.  Happy Birthday Mark.  I did send you a card, but wasn't able to send it out on time, so it should be there some time later this week.  Sorry!  Happy Birthdays to all that are coming up, Anniversaries, graduations, parties, etc.  I will give you all a personal greeting when I get back. :)

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
- Sister Sorensen

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