May 2, 2014

April 28, 2014

Thank you all for the updates, pictures, and letters.  I'm so glad everything worked out for Amanda and Dameon, Sabrina and Chad.  I am just so excited to meet them and Packer!  So many new faces to meet I guess when I get home!
Things this past week have been good.  I have a great new companion.  Sister Bee is bubbly and energetic which helps me to be bubbly and energetic as well.  Yes she is from Georgia.  Most of my companions have been from the south but yet have no accents.  Kinda sad.  She's 25 yrs old though and goes home in July.  

Well not much has happened this week.  We did lots of service.  Probably not the best use of our time, but it was good to get some good hours in.  On Tuesday we helped clean a house for a lady in the ward who just lost her sister and needed help getting the house ready for family.  Then later in the week we helped our ward decorate for the Mormon Prom.  The theme was Wizard of Oz.  Guess I'm gonna have to watch that when I get back too because I was lost.  Never seen it all the way through.  On Saturday morning we also had Mormon helping hands.  We painted walls and slides at a water park.  Sister Bee and I painted a killer whale and angel fishes.  It was a bit chilly because we too had a rain storm the day
before (and hail).  Are shoes were super muddy.  But it was fun being out with the ward doing service.  Does Utah do Mormon Helping Hands?  Hopefully you get the pictures I sent through.  Can't wait to explain them more in depth.  

We've been working a lot in getting to know the members better and figuring out who all the inactive members are.  Haven't found many new investigators this week.  Still trying to work with Tionna and Daneea, Josefina, and Ivy.  Ivy started opening up to us on why she's struggling with the gospel.  She has a lot of anger still towards God in something that happened to their family 5 years ago that they are still trying to get through.  She doesn't know why this is happening and why they can't find a way out yet.  So we're trying to help her understand why we have trials and certain challenges in life.  Any suggestions or stories to share with her?

Man I am stumped at what to write about.  Sorry!  I did get lost here and we started driving up the off ramp to the freeway.  Thank goodness we noticed the arrows on the road showing it was a one way.  So we quickly turned around.  ha ha..  Not fun getting lost in another state.  I guess just getting lost any where!  Ohh.. this Sunday Jessica spoke in sacrament meeting!  She just shared her conversion story.  I have never seen a ward talk so much about a recent convert than I have with her.  The ward loves her and are being taught so much from her.  I know she is what they need to help get them excited about missionary work and reigniting their conversion process.  Couldn't stop smiling the whole time she was up there.  So proud of her.  :)

So for Mothers day I'm thinking I'll call either in the morning (if we don't have meetings) or once you guys get home from church. (So my church starts at 11:30, so 12:30 your time.)  So maybe I could call like 10:00 here, 11:00 your time.  What time works best though for everyone else?  I can definitely call later in the evening too to catch more of you all home.  Unless I'm just talking to mom! ;) Let me know though!  Haven't heard if we are allowed to use Skype again...but I guess a phone call is just fine this round in knowing I will see you all 3 weeks after that. :D  Eeekkkk!!!!!

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!  Good luck this week with everything!  And if there is anything you want me to pick up here in California, please let me know!!!  What kind of souvenirs do you want?  I don't even know what I want.  Haven't found much.  So you all might have to be fine with shirts or something.  But please let me know!  I'll be doing a lot of shopping the next few weeks here in Hanford and Fresno to find stuff. :)

Take care!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

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