April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

Wow, lot has happened it sounds like and I am in shock! Ha ha..  Congrats Mark, Sabrina, Vanessa, Owen, and Sariah.  Can't wait to meet Chad!!!!  Thanks for the picture.  Hope he is a strong healthy baby.  Can't wait to hear about Dameon.  Hopefully next week I will.  Good luck Amanda, Solomon, and Gideon.  So fun!  Well all your changes has brought a few changes here.  Transfer calls were this weekend.  I will be staying here in Hanford for the remainder of my mission.  Sister Allred is going to Merced.  My new companion is Sister Bee.  She is in my zone, so I've seen her around the last couple weeks and she flew out to Fresno with us.  I don't know her super well, but it should be good.  She's a little different, but I think we'll get a long more than Sister Allred and I did.  So I'm glad.  Also just knowing it's for 6 weeks makes it more bearable too.  I believe she's from Georgia if I remember correctly.  So I've had a fellow Utahn (Crandall), one from all over (Miller), New York (Clawson), Texas (Hammer), Maryland (Wilhelm), Aruba (Odor), Tennessee (Allred), now Georgia (Bee).  Pretty good selection I'd say.  Guess when I go back east or south, I got hook ups!  Ha ha..
When will Matt be there?!  That will be nice for him to stay with us to save money and just have fun hanging out.  Laura, make up your mind on which room you want. ;) Ha ha jk.  You still liking your yellow room?  I'm sure Matt will like that more than a pink room.  Kimberly still living at home?  Awesome eggs by the way Kimberly!!!  Hard boiled?!  How much did you sell them for?  I'm sad I didn't get to decorate any this year.  Can't wait to play with all of you though.  Hopefully you're feeling better mom too so you can be ready to help the Nairs.

This week was good.  We had a Zone Conference here in Hanford.  We talked a lot about how to be a successful missionary.  The whole time I just kept thinking about how I can be a successful missionary when I get home.  How I can keep sharing the gospel with others.  I know it's going to be hard to keep up with stuff when life comes in the way, but hopefully I'll make time.  I think that's the dumbest excuse I've heard on my mission: "I just don't have time."  I keep my mouth closed most of the time especially when I feel like being sarcastic and rude to them by saying something like "It's a good thing God doesn't have time for you either then or else you'd be wasting his time."  Again, very harsh and I'd never say that, but I sure feel it and wish they'd realize what they are saying.  They won't or can't make any time for Heavenly Father or Jesus?  And when they can't make the time, they still expect Heavenly Father and Jesus to make time for them.  That's sad.  
Okay so quick updates this week:
- might be in the Los Angeles newspaper.  Was teaching a family and the press came to interview and shadow this family.  So they snapped a bunch of pictures of all of us.  
- met a black gentleman that told us Jesus is black and that we all evolved from black people because black is dominant where as white is recessive.  He asked for a BOM and had us autograph it.  I'm a superstar!
- met Elder Auna (Quorum of the Seventy) from Hawaii at our Stake Conference Saturday and Sunday.
-  found a bunch of Easter Eggs!!! (he he he.. I'll send the picture next week.)

Yesterday was the outgoing missionary farewell.  Sister Crandall and Sister Odor are headed home tomorrow.  :( So sad they are leaving.  It was an awesome farewell.  I saw LOTS of familiar faces from Los Banos there: Horan's, Hixson's, Forman's, Hernandez's, Branvold's, etc.  The Hixson's asked how you were doing. :)  We went with the Sheltons (Scott, Ivy, and Brian).  We talked Ivy into getting baptized sooner.  We set a date for May 31st.  Still hesitant for some reason, but I know she can do it!  So the farewell was good for her I think.  We went to the temple afterwards so they could get pictures of it.  They've never seen it, so that was exciting for them.  On the way home Ivy opened up a lot and so again I hope she's more receptive then previously to baptism and being a member.

I can't think of anything else big that happened this week.  Easter was good.  We had Stake Conference.  The temple president and his wife was there, Pres and Sis Gelwix were there, and then Elder Auna.  He was really cool.  Very laid back personality but good speaker.  After Conference, we went to our Ward Mission Leaders house (Bro Brasil) for Lunch.  Then went and said goodbye to a couple families Sister Allred wanted to.  Had dinner with the Kerr family.  It was a nice meal and they sure spoiled us with a yummy filled Easter basket, but the whole time it was sort of awkward.  The boys were not very respectful.  The parents were trying to have a nice fancy meal, but the kids were not picking up on the hints of using their silverware rather than hands, table manners, and social manners, etc. (the kids are from 8, 12, 15, 17).  I felt bad, but again it was very nice of them to have us over.  It was fun.  Then we broke into one of the Elders apartment and hid Easter Eggs and candy everywhere.  Couldn't break into the other Elders apartment, so we decorated their door.  Hopefully they liked that. :) Ha ha..  The rest of the night we spent in Fresno at the fireside.  Next farewell fireside is mine!  So weird.  Last transfer of my mission begins tomorrow.  44 more days.  

I love you all so much.  Thank you for all you do and for the courage and strength you've given me while I've been here.  Good luck this week.  Can't wait to hear from all of you and especially hear from all of you in a few weeks when I call home.  My church is from 11:30-2:30.  But we will figure a time out when it gets closer.  Take care!!!!  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
- Hermana Sorensen

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