February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Last Monday I attended Grandma's club!!!  An older lady in the ward moved here a few years back and was so lonely.  She went up to a lady at the park one day and invited her over to lunch.  And since then they've invited more and more grandma's to this luncheon.  We are the only "non-grandma's" invited there so it was an honor being there!  Ha ha ha.. A lot of them aren't members and so there was a lot of crazy talk!  One lady said "what kind of finding are you doing?" as she gives me a smirk look.  I laughed but told her I'll do that finding when I get home.  She gave me a hard time with that the whole luncheon but I just teased her back.  It was so fun being around them.  I took pictures but I think my camera is acting up, so I'm probably just going to have to show you most of my pictures when I get home.  I'll try to send some important ones here and there though don't worry.

Also I don't think I told you, but we have been helping out at a place called Hannah's House.  It's a place for mothers trying to gain custody of their kids.  We go there every Monday and do crafts with them.  It's been a lot of fun meeting these ladies and helping them overcome addictions and becoming strong women through crafts and visiting with them.  They have fun asking us questions about the church so we're doing some teaching there too!

I wrote a list this time of things that happened this week that I could write home about, so sorry it's choppy.  But I finally met the Sorensen family here!  Not sure where we're related, but it made me laugh because guess what their profession is?  Dentistry!  :P  Ha ha..  I just smiled when they said that.  He's not a dentist, but works for them though with the deliveries and molding and tools.  So he works for a lot of the dentists here.  And she is a hygienist.  Interesting folks.  There is another Sorensen family here, so they're next!  I don't think I've been asked about my geology as much as I have here!  Everyone I run into asks me if I'm related to so-&-so Sorensen.  You might have to print me off our family tree back to Adam and Eve so I know how to respond or can see really if we are related!  :)

Did exchanges this week again and went to Coalinga with Hna Johnson.  She is big into tennis and apparently has been a ball catcher at one of the Opens.  Jealous!!!!!  So she's met Djokovic, Federer, Nadal, etc.  Her cousin also married Phil Nickelson the pro golf player.  But the exchange was a good break for me and their area is so fun!  Tiny like Los Banos and really on fire with all the missionary work going on.  Hanford is hard.

We had a Relief Society activity this week where we learned about self defense.  I think it scared me more than it helped me.  Made me realize how sketchy we missionaries are in going into all these homes of people we don't know and visiting these people in the evenings.  The Lord really does watch out for us!  And I'm grateful we go in 2's and not just by ourselves!  But it was really good to learn these things and know how to protect ourselves from those around us when we need.  I still just hear Grandma Sorensen drilling it into our heads that we "poke them in the eyes, and kick them where it hurts!" Ha ha..  I'm sure Kimberly and Laura can agree with me on that.  Silly Grandma!

Take care! I'm glad to hear you all are doing good and that you had a fun and safe time at East Canyon.  I hope all is well in your your callings, work, and life.    I love you all!  I love being a missionary regardless of the challenges that have been placed before me in the past, now, and future.  I really wouldn't trade this time for anything else.  
- Sister Sorensen

February 20, 2014

Feb 17, 2014

Happy late Valentines day.  Hopefully it was a fun one for all of you.  It was a good one for me, especially getting your package that evening.  Thank you!  It made me happy.  :)  I needed that.

Thanks for the updates!  Sounds like things are exciting with all the events going on.  I hear stuff here and there from the members here but it's good to get the actual reports.  I'm glad you all had fun at East Canyon too!  Was there not a lot of snow or just enough to do your sledding?  I'm sure it was very different not having the whole crew up there.  That would be hard.  When does Kaylor get off his mission?  Is he extending the amount he was home?  That's crazy the Griffin boy got his call!  I didn't think he was that old!  Tell him congrats.  How is Brother Griffin doing?  Can't remember if you ever told me how he is doing and his health is now after his scare a year ago.  Hopefully he's good.  How's the rest of the ward doing?  That's awesome about Bro Cook being the new ward mission leader.  He will do great.  He helped with the stake mission prep so yes, he is very missionary minded.  How has all of your missionary efforts been going?  Keep it up!

Well this week, Valentines day we went and heart attacked the single ladies in the wards doors.  They all sure loved it.  We even stopped by one of the houses and thought we'd go talk to her.  She gave the lesson at church yesterday and said how we were God's little mercies to her.  Her husband died about a year ago and so she was dreading that day and was headed to bed since she had nothing to do.  Well we showed up just in time and were her little "sweethearts" that day.  I felt really glad that the Lord used us that day when we knew nobody would be home and let us in.  Also this week, we got a hold of Joe finally and invited him to a baptism the Elders were having.  He said he'd come and also to church!  And sure enough he came to both.  He really loved the baptism but felt he can't be baptized yet because he doesn't know enough.  It was kids that were being baptized, and so we mentioned "do you think they know everything?"  He was taken back and replied "no".  We told him that baptism is one of the steps in gaining more knowledge about the church.  You first just need to have faith, and then make the changes necessary to be spiritually, mentally, and physically ready to receive the Holy Ghost to help us access that greater knowledge.  So hopefully it sparked something in him and that he will desire to be baptized soon.  First, he still needs to stop smoking.

Well nothing else really has happened this week sadly that I can think of.  Can't believe February is almost over.  I'm ready for March though.  Well I love you all and hope all is well!  Take care!!!!!
- Hermana Sorensen

February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Thanks for the Russian!  Have you been doing the different country dinners and stuff?!  Sure hope so!  I think that has been a fun new tradition!  I'm sad I'm missing it all.  But yes, please keep me updated on everything.
I'm glad to hear you had a good birthday Mom!  Sure looks like a fun one!  We just might have to celebrate everyone's Birthday that I've missed when I get back.  One fun big Birthday party!!
Yes we have been getting rain finally here.  It's still not enough, and I think we need it more in the mountains.  So hopefully we keep getting some rain here and there.  This morning we had fog though which was fun!  I think it was the thickest I've seen since being here, even though it really wasn't as thick as it could be.  But I enjoyed it!

This week has had it's ups and downs.  Thank you for the love and concern and especially prayers.  Things got better the middle of the week, but we are back to what it was. I am just trying to love everyone and not take offense.  Sigh..  But I appreciate the thoughts and love.

This week I taught my first Stop Smoking lesson!  His name is Joe.  He's in his 60's I think.  Such a nice guy and is excited to quit.  It's sad though because we haven't been able to get a hold of him lately and set a return appointment.  We stopped by at his house last night and his ex-wife was there and bashed on us and called us some names.  She's probably been the one withholding communication between us.  I don't think we will ever go back there.  We're going to talk to the Elders here and see if they can teach him so this lady doesn't get more mad at us.

I wish more things happened this week.  It was really long and exhausting.  Door after door after door each night with no one letting us in.  I think that's something that is hard here.  It's very segregated. Missionaries vs members.  No connection or friendships.  Maybe it's just cause I was in my last area for so long and I was able to build these relationships, but here it's sad because Sis Allred doesn't know a lot of the members still.  I'm glad we can work more with new people and investigators, but I know we shouldn't forget the members either.  So that's what we've been trying to fix.  Visiting members.  Do the missionaries still come over to the house often?

Sorry my letter isn't exciting.  I've been chatting with Amanda, Kimberly, and Michelle here and there while trying to write this.  So sorry if it's choppy and not much.  It's been another tough week but I am hopeful for a better one this week.  We're going on exchanges so that will be a good break.  I love being a missionary though.  I really do.  I just am excited to be with people that understand me and that love me.  4 more months.  Anything I can do for you all?  

Hope you all have a good week this week.  Happy Valentines to you all too this Friday!  Will you be mine?!  Thanks for everything.  Take care!!!!
- Sister Sorensen

February 9, 2014

February 3, 2014

Hello family!  So good to hear from you.  I have been looking forward to your email since Wednesday!  Transfers have been super hard.  Amie Horan dropped me off here in Hanford Wednesday morning.  She took her sweet time. ;)  Ha ha..  It was hard to see her leave.
I guess there is a Sorensen family in the ward that everyone keeps asking if I am related to.  And then one of out Part Member families, the husband grew up in Manti!  He knows Ryan and Steve!!!!  He said Steve is his facebook friend.  So that was just weird to know he knows my cousins and knows Manti!!!  Then one of the ward members goes to Odgen to the Children's tree house a lot because he is a story teller.  Pretty interesting!  But Hanford is a lot of what I heard but not at the same time.  It's a lot bigger than Los Banos.  It's like Layton just out in the middle of no where.  Has a mall, stake center, hospital, Arby's, etc.  I didn't think they had Arby's here in California.  I saw it though and jumped for joy!  I craved that place so much in Los Banos and no one knew what it was!  Here I come curly fries!!!!!  The water is awful.  Very sulfur-y.  It's a tint of yellow and very cloudy.  Slowly getting use to it.  And no I haven't tried the ice cream yet.  Don't know when I will.  A lot of the people here say it's really not that good and what all the talk makes it to be.  Church yesterday was super full.  Not use to that!  Not sure I'm ready to come back to Utah and come to big wards.  I've grown to love the smallness of wards.  I now get what the members kept telling me of how nice small wards are.  Don't realize it until you're gone.

That's cool about the TV in your office dad!  I was actually going to suggest doing something like that.  We were at the Chiropractors the other day for Sister Wilhelm and I was realizing how nice and relaxing the TV made you feel and didn't know if that would be something helpful in your atmosphere to help your patients.  Can't wait to see all the changes you have made there at your office and the house and everywhere else.  Hopefully Grandpa Carter can figure his new phone out!

Happy Birthday Mom this week!!!!  Your card will be on its way soon.  Any fun plans?!  No I have not heard much about the Olympics.  I'm super sad I'm missing them.  Keep me posted or updated on wins and events.  It's in Russia?!  When do they start?  I'm sure it won't be hard to know since I'm sure people will be having them on all the time.  Can you record the Opening and closing ceremonies possibly for me?!  Unless they have already started.  

Well I love you all.  I really REALLY love you all. I'm grateful for your patience with me and loving me for who I am.  I'm nervous for the next couple weeks, but I'll do my best!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

- Hermana Sorensen