February 20, 2014

Feb 17, 2014

Happy late Valentines day.  Hopefully it was a fun one for all of you.  It was a good one for me, especially getting your package that evening.  Thank you!  It made me happy.  :)  I needed that.

Thanks for the updates!  Sounds like things are exciting with all the events going on.  I hear stuff here and there from the members here but it's good to get the actual reports.  I'm glad you all had fun at East Canyon too!  Was there not a lot of snow or just enough to do your sledding?  I'm sure it was very different not having the whole crew up there.  That would be hard.  When does Kaylor get off his mission?  Is he extending the amount he was home?  That's crazy the Griffin boy got his call!  I didn't think he was that old!  Tell him congrats.  How is Brother Griffin doing?  Can't remember if you ever told me how he is doing and his health is now after his scare a year ago.  Hopefully he's good.  How's the rest of the ward doing?  That's awesome about Bro Cook being the new ward mission leader.  He will do great.  He helped with the stake mission prep so yes, he is very missionary minded.  How has all of your missionary efforts been going?  Keep it up!

Well this week, Valentines day we went and heart attacked the single ladies in the wards doors.  They all sure loved it.  We even stopped by one of the houses and thought we'd go talk to her.  She gave the lesson at church yesterday and said how we were God's little mercies to her.  Her husband died about a year ago and so she was dreading that day and was headed to bed since she had nothing to do.  Well we showed up just in time and were her little "sweethearts" that day.  I felt really glad that the Lord used us that day when we knew nobody would be home and let us in.  Also this week, we got a hold of Joe finally and invited him to a baptism the Elders were having.  He said he'd come and also to church!  And sure enough he came to both.  He really loved the baptism but felt he can't be baptized yet because he doesn't know enough.  It was kids that were being baptized, and so we mentioned "do you think they know everything?"  He was taken back and replied "no".  We told him that baptism is one of the steps in gaining more knowledge about the church.  You first just need to have faith, and then make the changes necessary to be spiritually, mentally, and physically ready to receive the Holy Ghost to help us access that greater knowledge.  So hopefully it sparked something in him and that he will desire to be baptized soon.  First, he still needs to stop smoking.

Well nothing else really has happened this week sadly that I can think of.  Can't believe February is almost over.  I'm ready for March though.  Well I love you all and hope all is well!  Take care!!!!!
- Hermana Sorensen

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