February 9, 2014

February 3, 2014

Hello family!  So good to hear from you.  I have been looking forward to your email since Wednesday!  Transfers have been super hard.  Amie Horan dropped me off here in Hanford Wednesday morning.  She took her sweet time. ;)  Ha ha..  It was hard to see her leave.
I guess there is a Sorensen family in the ward that everyone keeps asking if I am related to.  And then one of out Part Member families, the husband grew up in Manti!  He knows Ryan and Steve!!!!  He said Steve is his facebook friend.  So that was just weird to know he knows my cousins and knows Manti!!!  Then one of the ward members goes to Odgen to the Children's tree house a lot because he is a story teller.  Pretty interesting!  But Hanford is a lot of what I heard but not at the same time.  It's a lot bigger than Los Banos.  It's like Layton just out in the middle of no where.  Has a mall, stake center, hospital, Arby's, etc.  I didn't think they had Arby's here in California.  I saw it though and jumped for joy!  I craved that place so much in Los Banos and no one knew what it was!  Here I come curly fries!!!!!  The water is awful.  Very sulfur-y.  It's a tint of yellow and very cloudy.  Slowly getting use to it.  And no I haven't tried the ice cream yet.  Don't know when I will.  A lot of the people here say it's really not that good and what all the talk makes it to be.  Church yesterday was super full.  Not use to that!  Not sure I'm ready to come back to Utah and come to big wards.  I've grown to love the smallness of wards.  I now get what the members kept telling me of how nice small wards are.  Don't realize it until you're gone.

That's cool about the TV in your office dad!  I was actually going to suggest doing something like that.  We were at the Chiropractors the other day for Sister Wilhelm and I was realizing how nice and relaxing the TV made you feel and didn't know if that would be something helpful in your atmosphere to help your patients.  Can't wait to see all the changes you have made there at your office and the house and everywhere else.  Hopefully Grandpa Carter can figure his new phone out!

Happy Birthday Mom this week!!!!  Your card will be on its way soon.  Any fun plans?!  No I have not heard much about the Olympics.  I'm super sad I'm missing them.  Keep me posted or updated on wins and events.  It's in Russia?!  When do they start?  I'm sure it won't be hard to know since I'm sure people will be having them on all the time.  Can you record the Opening and closing ceremonies possibly for me?!  Unless they have already started.  

Well I love you all.  I really REALLY love you all. I'm grateful for your patience with me and loving me for who I am.  I'm nervous for the next couple weeks, but I'll do my best!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

- Hermana Sorensen

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