February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Last Monday I attended Grandma's club!!!  An older lady in the ward moved here a few years back and was so lonely.  She went up to a lady at the park one day and invited her over to lunch.  And since then they've invited more and more grandma's to this luncheon.  We are the only "non-grandma's" invited there so it was an honor being there!  Ha ha ha.. A lot of them aren't members and so there was a lot of crazy talk!  One lady said "what kind of finding are you doing?" as she gives me a smirk look.  I laughed but told her I'll do that finding when I get home.  She gave me a hard time with that the whole luncheon but I just teased her back.  It was so fun being around them.  I took pictures but I think my camera is acting up, so I'm probably just going to have to show you most of my pictures when I get home.  I'll try to send some important ones here and there though don't worry.

Also I don't think I told you, but we have been helping out at a place called Hannah's House.  It's a place for mothers trying to gain custody of their kids.  We go there every Monday and do crafts with them.  It's been a lot of fun meeting these ladies and helping them overcome addictions and becoming strong women through crafts and visiting with them.  They have fun asking us questions about the church so we're doing some teaching there too!

I wrote a list this time of things that happened this week that I could write home about, so sorry it's choppy.  But I finally met the Sorensen family here!  Not sure where we're related, but it made me laugh because guess what their profession is?  Dentistry!  :P  Ha ha..  I just smiled when they said that.  He's not a dentist, but works for them though with the deliveries and molding and tools.  So he works for a lot of the dentists here.  And she is a hygienist.  Interesting folks.  There is another Sorensen family here, so they're next!  I don't think I've been asked about my geology as much as I have here!  Everyone I run into asks me if I'm related to so-&-so Sorensen.  You might have to print me off our family tree back to Adam and Eve so I know how to respond or can see really if we are related!  :)

Did exchanges this week again and went to Coalinga with Hna Johnson.  She is big into tennis and apparently has been a ball catcher at one of the Opens.  Jealous!!!!!  So she's met Djokovic, Federer, Nadal, etc.  Her cousin also married Phil Nickelson the pro golf player.  But the exchange was a good break for me and their area is so fun!  Tiny like Los Banos and really on fire with all the missionary work going on.  Hanford is hard.

We had a Relief Society activity this week where we learned about self defense.  I think it scared me more than it helped me.  Made me realize how sketchy we missionaries are in going into all these homes of people we don't know and visiting these people in the evenings.  The Lord really does watch out for us!  And I'm grateful we go in 2's and not just by ourselves!  But it was really good to learn these things and know how to protect ourselves from those around us when we need.  I still just hear Grandma Sorensen drilling it into our heads that we "poke them in the eyes, and kick them where it hurts!" Ha ha..  I'm sure Kimberly and Laura can agree with me on that.  Silly Grandma!

Take care! I'm glad to hear you all are doing good and that you had a fun and safe time at East Canyon.  I hope all is well in your your callings, work, and life.    I love you all!  I love being a missionary regardless of the challenges that have been placed before me in the past, now, and future.  I really wouldn't trade this time for anything else.  
- Sister Sorensen

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