January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

....Hello Hanford!!!!
After 6 transfers....9 months....half my mission here in Los Banos, it's time to pack the bags and move down south to Hanford.  My new companion will be Sister Allred.  I don't know who she is at all, so I'm nervous but I think I've had my fair share of hard companions, so no matter what I think I will make it 6 weeks since I've done it before.  Hopefully!!!!!  Ha ha..

We've had a good week this week.  Kind of bummed though because we have a possibility of 5 baptisms this next month.  Derek Laguna will be baptized this weekend (he's 10 but hasn't been baptized due to phobia of water, but has been working on it and his parents are quickly doing it this weekend while family is in town to celebrate their Grandpa's 75th Bday).  Then on Saturday we got a new investigator; Zonjia.  She's on of the members neices and took the discussions before but moved, and is now back in town and wants to be baptized.  We set a date for the 15th of Feb.  THEN!  There's a new family in town that has been coming to church the last couple Sundays.  Well apparently the kids aren't baptized but have been raised in the church.  So yesterday the Grandma said the kids want to be baptized.  So there's another 2.  Fingers are still crossed for Lupita.  And then I told you I believe that we can't find the records for one of the boys in the ward and might have to re-baptize him.  All of this excitement happens when I leave.  Oh well.  Hopefully we'll have some excitement in Hanford.  Don't know much about the area other than it has yummy ice cream.  Hanford I guess is known for their ice cream factory.  Mmmmm...  Down side though, the water smells like rotten eggs and not good for you to drink.  Yay for perfume and bottled water.  I can not wait till I can have a nice cup of water from the tap.  I'm getting tired of drinking bottled and/or filtered water.  And from what I hear, my ward in Hanford will be English.  Sounds like the Elders cover the Spanish.  It's one ward though so I'll still have to use a little Spanish.

Your princess tea party looks like it was fun!  I'm jealous!  Can we have one when I get back?!  What all did you do for it?!  Any games or yummy snacks?!  And I hope Jeff and Packer had a good Birthday then.  Sure looks like it!  You getting excited for your Birthday mom?!  We celebrated Sister Wilhelm's birthday yesterday too.  We went to the Horans for dinner and open presents.  She's now 21 so the theme was her being legal.  So we had a lot of Root "beer" and champagne.  We even played a drinking game where you spin the bottle and have to drink the shot and guess what drink it was.  They had some pretty nasty stuff.  Straight Lemon juice, root beer mixed with milk, mango juice, water and apple cider mixed, etc.  We had some good laughs.  Then we went to the park to have a silly string war.  Ohh and I rode their goat!  Ha ha..

This week was very jumbled and spent running around trying to cope with 2 wards.  We did a lot of splits trying to fit everything in.  Saturday we had a ward movie night.  We watched Ephraim's Rescue.  Have you guys seen it?  I thought it was good, but I think I prefer 17 Miracles.  I liked how they intertwined though.

Well I hope all is well for you all.  Things here are on the up hill.  Thank you for all your prayers.  Thank you Kimberly for your email.  I loved it!  Is that your real hair color now?!  And thank you Michelle for all the pictures and update on all the Birthdays!  I love you all and miss you everyday.  Couple more months!!!  Crazy that a year has already gone.  Take care and tell everyone I say hi and send my loves.

- hermana Sorensen

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