January 26, 2014

January 13, 2014 - One Year Mark!

Can you believe a year ago this week I was packing my bags and saying my last goodbyes?!  It doesn't seem like that long ago but does.  It surely has been a journey and life changing experience.  I have done a lot of reflecting these past coupe weeks and I think I'm the one gaining the most out of this.  I guess that's one of the reasons in being sent out.  I'm nervous but excited to see what these last couple months bring.  I think I've learned more about myself and what I need in life then I would have back at home.  I know these things are preparing me for the future.
I'm glad to hear Grandpa is doing alright.  I have been thinking of him a lot lately and yes I will write him a letter soon.  Please tell him I love him so much and have a giant hug waiting for him!!!!  Can't wait to visit with him and play games.

I got a really sweet letter from Amanda that has been helping me remember my potential.

Sister Odor and I with the Horans at Yosemite
So you have probably been wondering why I haven't sent any pictures yet of Christmas or my last trip at Yosemite.  WELL!  While we were there at Yosemite, just as we were leaving the park, we all wanted to take one last photo by the Yosemite National Park sign.  Sis Hammer took one for me and as she was handing me my camera back, it dropped right on a rock and broke the lense.  I was calm and figured it was just jammed.  But of coarse I was freaking out inside with knowing Christmas Eve is the next day and Christmas, etc. and I have NO CAMERA to take pictures of all of this with!!!!!  The Horan's had an old camera they have been letting me borrow.  Well I took it over to the Forman's in the ward to see if he could fix it.  Yesterday at church he handed me a bag of camera pieces and said "Here's your camera!" and left it at that for a while.  I thanked him for trying.  He then smirked and turned the camera on and showed me he fixed it!  HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!  So I now have a working camera again and can start taking more pictures!!!! :)

Sister Odor and I with the Horan family
Not a whole lot has happened since Friday's letter.  I am sad though because Angelina DeHerrera (the one back in August I believe that we baptized) is under foster care right now.  Her whole family is.  The Dad has been in and out of jail lately and missed his probation so is now back in.  They tested the mom for drugs and came out positive.  So CPS took the kids away.  They have 6 or 7 kids from the ages of 18-1 yrs old.  Super sad!  A lot of the members are trying to see if they can open their doors for them and to try to keep the kids together as closely as they can.  So we will see. :(  We have been seeing and hearing a lot of situations where kids being taken away from families.  One of our newest investigator (Breanna) is a foster child right now.  Her mom is in jail.  Destiny, her foster mom is another investigator.  We met Breanna at church.  She is 10 yrs old.  She had her friend Jaylnn come with here so we visited both of them there and then set a return appointment.  When we visited them last week Jaylnn wasn't able to come so we just visited with Breanna.  However, Destiny was talking to us when we first got there and mentioned how she just wants Breanna to have God in her life so she knows what ever happens to her, she always has someone there to hear her and be with her.  We told her that's great and then what we go about doing.  She looked surprised and was like "I've always been curious what the mormons believe.  Do you mind if I sit in and listen too?"  Of coarse not!!!!  We taught them the Restoration and Destiny was very into it.  Breanna is hard to get to with all her walls she has up to strangers.  But she listened and sat there so we were happy with that.  So that's 2 of our new investigators, and hopefully Jaylnn will come next time.  Also teaching an older gentleman named Henry.  He's a veteran and was telling us a lot about the wars he's been in.  He is very haunted by his past and so we talked to him a lot about the Atonement and the Plan of Salvation.  He cried a lot with us and it was just a very sweet time with him.  Lupita and Hannah have been slipping.  Lupita still hasn't asked her dad if she can get baptized.  And I think I mentioned it before, the mom says Hannah is too young.  So.. we have a couple that we hopefully can have baptisms for but we're just at a hold up right now.

Well, my time is short.  I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!  4 1/2 more months to go, 142 more days, 40,000 plus hours or something.  Thank you for the suggestions and advice.  But mostly thank you for all the love.  I do know you are all there for me.  I appreciate it.  Let me know if there is anything I can do for you all and again if there is anything you want me to get you here.

Take care!!!!!
- hermana Sorensen

ps. I was talking to Vern Hixson yesterday dad at dinner and he was very shocked to hear you used to be a farm boy!  (we were talking about gardening or something)  :)  It made me laugh. Especially seeing his face when I told him you're a dentist now.  Silly family. I'm so glad you got to meet them!

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