April 15, 2013

April 1, 2013 Baptism!


 Candy Munoz was baptized Friday night and confirmed yesterday in Church.  It was such a powerful evening.  The spirit was DEFINITELY there.  We had a bit of trouble with the Bishop in Hughson where Candy has been going.  But he came up to us afterwards and thanked us and apologized for telling us to cancel it so they could do it in their ward.  He felt it was perfect and was so glad we went through with it.  It was very stressful trying to get things organized and straightened out, but with the Lord's help, we were able to get things done.  Those that bore their testimonies were wonderful.  There are amazing people here.  It was a great night and Hermana Crandall and I can now say we've had 1 baptism!
Dad and Mom Grimes are the best.  They always make me feel special.  They bought a giant Apple Pie for my Birthday.  Easter here was great too.  Our Sunday meetings were cancelled so we got to do lots of studying.  Brother Grimes made us breakfast.  Sister Grimes hid eggs in our study area and gave us lots of yummy chocolates.
We've met a lot of interesting people this week.  1 guy kept talking to us but thought we were crazy and kept asking us questions we couldn't answer.  Like if Christ created the Earth, why is there BC.  What does BC stand for?  Where was Christ?  We explained to him, but he kept bringing other questions and just trying to cause contention.  So we just left.  Then Saturday night we met Andrew, a Jehovah's Witness.  It was going good but then he started contending with us.  Hermana Crandall handled it SO well.  I had absolutely no clue what to say and was fearful of even saying anything.  But he pulled out his Bible and kept quoting scripture after scripture.  He didn't want us to pray with him because we didn't believe God is Jehovah.  GURRRR!!!  There are so many Jehovah Witnesses out here and it's so irritating.  One neighborhood was so hard because the Jehovah Witnesses had gone through earlier that morning and so they wanted nothing to do with us.  Sigh..

- hermana Sorensen

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