April 24, 2013

April 24, 2013 - Day 99

 Well Sunday was a frustrating day.  None of our investigators showed to church. The Elders in our Branch are struggling to with getting their investigators to follow through with commitments, so we did a fast last night/today.  We went to the temple this morning which worked out nicely to help us receive inspirations.  The Davila's came with us. (the ward mission leader).

This week Hna Crandall and I have been really focusing on the youth.  We visited Candy who sadly has been having a hard time with her family.  My heart just breaks for her and I just want to adopt her and bring her home.  Her mother is just very care free and....hate to say it, but she just is not the most caring and loving mother in the world.  I guess she's been very hard with Candy.  The mom takes all the kids to the park to play but won't let Candy come because she's "too old".  Candy loved going to the park with her siblings but now she's not allowed.  She has to stay home.  Then her older sister stopped talking to her and is just being rude.  So when we saw Candy, she just broke down in tears.  She is just so sweet to really say what's bothering her.  Even though she has a hard family, she always tells us how much she loves them and is grateful for them.  We asked her what we could do to help but she just replies "Nothing, everything is fine. It's okay."  I pray that she can find loving family/friends to help nuture and take care of her physical, social, mental and spiritual needs.

After that we headed to visit Daisy.  She's 12 also.  Her dad Jorge is a member but her mother is not.  The missionaries have tried converting her, but she showed no interest and so they stopped.  So we stopped by and talked to her and Jorge.  We asked her if she wanted to be baptized.  She said that she would like to but after she's been taught the lessons.  She attends church, YW's, and other church activities so we are excited and think that she'll pull through and get baptized shortly.  Her mom that night we visited actually just got back from having surgery.  She's been having kidney problems.  They went in and luckily didn't have to do much.  She now can not have Coffee or Alcohol (which was a huge set back for her to being converted).  So it's actually exciting because now there is a possibility that she'll join too!  This could be one of God's sneeky ways hopefully! Ha ha..

On the way to Daisy's, we were driving and up ahead there was a boy riding a bike and he flew off.  I yeld out "STOP!" to Hna Crandall (she didn't see it).  We stopped and helped him out.  His name was Jeffery.  He's 11-12 years old.  Such a cute boy.  He was cut up really bad so we were trying to keep him calm, get him water, bandages, while we got a hold of his mom.  She came and picked him up.  We helped her load the car and then gave her a pass along card.  I hope it was God's hand and that down the road this mom and Jeffery join! :)

- hermana Sorensen

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