April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

We had dinner with the Villanueva family (he's from Honduras and she's from Ecuador).  They reminded me a lot of Grandpa and Grandma Sorensen with all their fruit trees and gardens.  They loaded us up with lemons and oranges.  Even tried "cumquat" (don't know how to spell it but that is how it sounds if you know what it is). Ha ha.. Such a good family.  All the families here are great. 
 We've started teaching Part-member families. We had a lesson with one of the inactive girls (Lupe Lucas) father.  We had originally stopped by to visit her but when she wasn't there we got talking to the dad and he was very curious about our church.  We talked about the Restoration and Book of Mormon.  He had lots of good questions and realized the only way to answer all of them is to read the Book of Mormon.  It was great visiting with him and we hope it will continue to progress. 
I think so far my mission has just been to plant seeds.  It's hard not seeing the results now and at the speed I want, but we are setting good examples and opening the doors.  We went to stop by and drop off a thank you note to a family in the ward.  We couldn't find the apartment number, so we stopped and asked a group of people outside.  Come to find out one of the gentlemen was baptized.  He is hard core NOT a member right now, but he broke down and cried talking to us.  He was born and raised in Utah and baptized at 8.  He felt the church was forced on him and he didn't like that.  He moved here and just became distant even more.  When his son was of age of baptism, he wanted to baptism him.  The Elders informed him he couldn't because he has not been living the proper life style to baptism him personally.  Well he took that harshly and has put a wall up with all Elders past, present, and future.  When Elders knock on his door he kicks them out.  So he was very open with us and said it's a good thing we were cute sisters and not them Elders or else we'd be long gone.  YIKES!! But it was good to talk to him and let him open up.  He said he'd love for us to come back.  He's not spanish speaking so we are afraid we'll have to give him to the Elders, but after hearing his experience with Elders, I hope we can get permission to work with him.
I sure hope all of you are taking the opportunity to help the missionaries out in what ever they need.  I wish I was better at it before my mission, but I know when I get back I'm going to do all I can to help them.  They help is so appreciated and needed.  The investigators need a steady friendship.  A lot of the people here connected with Missionaries, and of coarse when they are transferred, they fall away and stop coming.  So we are trying to build friendships and mend hurt feelings. 
Saturday we had Love Modesto.  We all met downtown as a community to start the day with free breakfast and to figure out our locations.  Our branch signed up for Airport clean up.  We headed over there and cleaned up all the garbage along the streets and open fields.  Lots of junk!  It was disgusting.  Hermana Crandall and I headed out early to help Bro and Sis Ruiz set up for the BBQ afterwards for our branch.  It was a fun day spent with the branch.  I didn't want to leave.  It was nice to just relax and get to know everyone.  :)  The day reminded me a lot of 4th of July with all the booths, activities, celebrating, gatherings, and BBQ's.

 I love you all!!!!

-hermana Sorensen

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