May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013 - I made History!

Well, I want to tell you all that I made history here in the Branch.  This Sunday I played the Organ!!!!  Everyone kept telling me they can't hear the piano.  So yesterday I figured, why not?  It shouldn't be that hard right?  WRONG!!!!  I slaughtered it SO bad and could not stop laughing.  Everyone knew it and they for sure let me know.  BUT, Brother Bertinetti (1st couselor in the Presidency) came up to me and was like "I didn't know you played the organ!" I was like "I don't!  That was the first time I've ever touched one!" and he was just blown away and told me how they have been a branch for 10 years and NEVER has the organ been played for them.  He thanked me all day long for being courageous and trying something new and helping this Branch feel like they are special enough to have a fancy organ played for them like the wards here.  We had dinner with them last night and he complemented me in being willing to do hard things.  He learned a lot from me and now says he thinks of me when he's faced with a hard things.  It was so nice of him to say that.  I still can't help but laugh and smack my head in how terrible it sounded, but the fact no one there has heard the organ, I feel pretty good.  Not sure if I want to attempt it this next Sunday again or if I should spare the ears of everyone here.  Ha ha ha..
ANYWAY... this week has been VERY challenging.  Hermana Crandall and I have seen and experienced many difficult things this past week.  Biggest thing I've learned this week is the strength of families.  Can I just say I love you all SO so so so much.  Thank you mom and dad for caring for me and us kids.  I've seen many families this week who don't have that bond and that love in the home.  We helped a women in the ward who's getting a divorce move out of their home and into an apartment.  Now a single mother of 2.  We stopped at Candy and Angie's this week and seeing the lack of love they recieve there in the home from their mom.  There is no support at all.  It's sad to say that and judge.  I know she is a good mother for providing a bed for them and their necessities.  My heart just aches that there is no family meals together, no going out together, no support for one another.  The kids flaunt over Hermana Crandall and I pretty much because we give them tender loving care they need.  Good report from them though this week is ANGIE IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!  She was so happy to come to church yesterday and is just so excited.  It's amazing how the first time we met her she told us she doesn't want to be a mormon but now she does!  Candy however has not been going to church.  So we're trying to help her and figure out why she doesn't "feel comfortable".
Not a whole lot has been happening work wise.  Still just trying to get our investigators to realize the importance of our message.  Met a lot with the YW this week.  Might have another baptism coming up with Daisy Martinez.  She's 12.  But we set appointments and they just tend to fall through.  It's rough.  But other than that it's good visiting with people and getting to know them.  Sorry there really isn't much exciting news to report on and to put on the blog.  We are slowly seeing progress and slowly seeing miracles.  Been out 111 days now!  I know I shouldn't be counting but I feel it gives me more motivation to keep going and see how far I've come.
- hermana Sorensen

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