May 19, 2013

May 13, 2013

Well the weather here is getting SUPER hot!  Blahhh.. Bought me sunscreen today! Haha.. As much as I want a tan, the sun beats down hard.  I had planned on playing the organ, but the official piano player was in town and played.  I was relieved.  Ha ha..  But guess what?!  Candy, Angie, AND Jennifer, AND Maria/Maiki came to church yesterday!!!!  Could not stop smiling to see all the kids there.  I was just expecting Angie.  Candy doesn't feel comfortable in the spanish branch, Jennifer goes to a church in Hughson, and the mom never lets Maria/Maiki go.  But all 4 were there and I felt like a proud "mom" sitting next to them trying to keep them entertained.  Can you do some searching/making and find me something I can take on Sundays if I'm with kids during sacrament?  Like a reverence/quiet book in spanish/english?  Or pictures/activities church related?  I just always feel bad I have nothing but sticky notes and pens to keep them entertained during Sacrament meeting.
Still having stomach pains.  I called the Mission medical coordinator, but she just says it's probably the stomach bug.  I personally don't think so but I am treating it as if it is.  Lots of gatorade and crackers.  I eat 6 Ritz crackers and I feel like I ate an elephant.  It's hard going to members homes and trying to eat there food with out killing myself!  Ha ha..  But yes I hope it gets better this week too.  Thanks for your concern.  I just hope and pray it doesn't get as bad as it did in the MTC.
Well we decided to baptize Angie this Saturday instead of the 25th.  She was SO excited about that and just embraced us when we told her she could be baptized this Saturday!  So cute.  We just bought her a dress today that she can now wear for the baptism and for Sundays. :)  Hopefully she likes it.  The Elders are baptizing a family this Saturday too so we will be having 4 new members in the Branch and in the church this weekend!!! WAHOO!!!!
This week I have learned a lot about "becoming as a child" like the scriptures say.  Seeing the baptizms here, all of them have been youth.  Lexi and Ivonna (the 2nd day I was here), Candy, and now Angie.  Hermana Crandall and I were talking about this and we just love how accepting and loving the youth are.  Adults are harder to change or help them see the need for the gospel in their lives.  The children love Christ and want to follow him and they do.  They are bold.  I think I told you a few weeks ago, one of the families in the branch, the girls were having a slumber party with all their friends and invited us Sister's to come over and teach them.  What missionaries these 12 year olds are.  Then as we've visited Angie and Candy, Angie told us she gave her cousin Stephanie her extra copy of the Book of Mormon and that they read it together when she comes over.  How great is that?!  Then we visit the adults and they tell us they don't have the time to read, they don't know any one they can share the gospel with, and they don't want to come to church.  It's just sad.  We all need to be like children and not be afraid or lazy to share our beliefs.  I know for me I need to be more bold and open my mouth to those on the street I come in contact with and not be afraid of being rejected or turned down.  
 Thank you for all the love and support and for remembering me.  I'm grateful for all the letters, emails, and prayers.  :)
- hermana Arianne Sorensen

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