March 23, 2013

March 18, 2013

In Modesto, I am in a car area but I have my bike too.  Our area is just so huge that we would get no where on bikes.  There are Elders though that cover all the ward areas here and we just get those in their areas that are Spanish.  The members here are great.  We get dinners every night at 5 with them.  It's all yummy food.  Mostly beans, rice, and meat.  Ohh and of coarse tortillas. :)  So far I haven't eaten anything I haven't liked.  ((knock on wood)). 
Pues...  This week went by pretty fast!  Tuesday I spent the day in Riverbank with Sister Gage doing exchanges.  It was very interesting seeing how they did things there in that area.  I learned a lot from what Hna Crandall and I do good and what we need improving on.  I'm so glad to be in Modesto though.  Everyone I talk to (Elders, Sisters) and ask where they have served so far, all of them if they have served in Modesto say they loved it so much!  I agree!  Thursday we had Zone Conference in Turlock.  It was really good!  We talked a lot about using our time effectively and finding.  Our mission has succeeding in finding that we have to stop finding/knocking in that we have too many names and no time to teach.  So our new focus now is to make return appointments and start finding through that.  In our Zone here in Modesto, we are working on ATM's (Awaken the Members).  We are visiting more and trying to get their trust and help to find friends and family to teach and how they can be missionaries themselves.  Our Branch is great, but it can be better.  This Sunday we met with Brother Bertinetti (1st counselor in the Branch Presidency).  He is SO amazing.  He just has a great understanding and love for missionary work.  He is very connected with the spirit.  But he told us how much he appreciates our example and efforts.  He wants us to be more bold and blunt with the members.  We are to push them and make them work.  When talking with them, don't hang up the phone or leave them until they give a date/time they can help or name of someone who can.  It's hard to get the ball rolling, but I am so excited to see the effect of this push in ATM's and getting there help to help us in inviting others to come unto Christ.  I never knew the heart and soul of missionaries, but man I have such a respect for them.  Please help those missionaries in your area!  If they need rides, please offer.  If they need dinner, please provide.  If they need names, please start thinking.  And if they need support, please be their shoulder.  We are nothing with out the ward/branch members.
Well we really have no progress this week, but Leo's baptismal date was bumped back to the 30th due to WOW issues.  But we are praying hard that she can keep it and continue to come to church, pray, and do those things in order to be baptized.  We also met a girl this past week named Candy.  She is 12 years old and wants to be baptized.  Her 15 year old sister was baptized in November, so Candy wants that change herself.  They came to church with us yesterday, but they don't like speaking Spanish, so we might have to hand her over to the English Elders in the other ward.  So we won't get to take on her baptism.  But we'll see.  She might even get baptized in Hughson where her sister is living/attending church.  With our focus being on the investigators we have, we are trying to narrow down which ones to keep or which ones to drop.  It's hard and sad to say we need to drop them, but I know there are people ready and needing our full attention now.  This week is our "Do or Die" week.  We're praying hard to know what we need to do.
Hermana Sorensen with Pres. and Sister Gelwix
At Zone Conference, President Gelwix assigned us a new project that I would like you guys to do as well. :)  It runs to August and requires reading everyday.  In the Topical Guide under Jesus Christ, start looking up those scriptures  and start reading.  I'm excited to hear what you learn from it!  By the end of this week be finished with the first section about Jesus Christ (I believe it's like Advocate or something like that).  I'm excited to start this as well and I know it will draw us closer to Jesus Christ.  I love him and am so grateful for his sacrifice.  You don't appreciate it until you are put in an area where people argue your beliefs or don't know who Jesus Christ is.  I'm so blessed to know the truth and have this knowledge.  This Gospel is true.  It just makes sense and lines up perfectly.  I love it!  Thank you for all your prayers in my behave.  I feel them everyday.  Take care!   xoxoxoxo
- hermana Sorensen

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