March 11, 2013

Modesto - 1st Week

Our Modesto home
I love the neighborhood we're living in.  Brother and Sister Grimes are so nice.  The branch members are so kind too.  Sister Crandall and I's area is super huge.  Our stake/area covers 5-6 wards.  In those boundaries, we have it all but pick out those spanish individuals.  Elder Blake and Elder Goettman are the only 2 spanish Elders serving with Hermana Crandall and I.  So they take the West side, we take the East.  It's very scary here but very safe.  Police cars and sirens go off pretty much 24/7.  Everytime we hear them, I say to Hermana Crandall "Good morning Modesto!" 
I spoke in Sacrament yesterday (luckily I just had to introduce myself and bear testimony), but I also had to play the Piano too.  It was intimidating playing in front of the whole branch, but I realized no one knows if I make a mistake because they all don't know how to read music very well.  Sunday's here make me laugh because they are just SO different from church meetings in Utah.  It doesn't matter if you were jeans, tanks, flip-flops, mini skirts, etc.  It's very rowdy.  And everyone sits in the back.  But I love the people here.  I'm actually more scared contacting white/American people.  They are so mean!  I got my first door slamming this week.  Sure I've had people reject us, but they "kindly" say they don't want us.  Well this week I knocked on the door and began saying "We're representatives of Jesus Christ and......." the lady then replies "crap!" and slams the door.  It hurt but it's no longer my concern.  We tried, and she'll be shown it's the true church eventually.
This week has been a little easier getting use to things, but also very hard.  We realized we really don't have any progressing investigators.  We're teaching lots of lessons, but they are just not keeping their commitments and we've been slacking on getting after them.  So that's our goal this week.  We also are starting to visit more with the members.  Sister's aren't really allowed much in the evenings when appointments fall through.  So we decided to start visiting those members we don't know.  We picked a name and drove to this house.  Her name is Lidia.  She was baptized August 2011.  She hasn't been to church in awhile.  Talking with her though, we knew God picked her name for us to visit that night.  Her landlords are pocketing her payments and not sending them through to the bank.  So the bank is kicking her out of her apartment.  She has been so stressed trying to find a new apartment.  We talked about the different areas she could choose.  Long story short, we'll be helping her pack in the next couple weeks.  And we got her to committ to coming to church Sunday. :)
Another miracle this week was Josie Mendoza.  We were doing HB's in Empire and went to this apartment complex.  The first door we knocked on was hers.  She just looked at us with such confusion.  We left a blessing and she still was just so astonished at why we were at her door.  She told us she's a single mom of 5 and is looking for a job.  Just seconds before our visit, she was praying to God to help her know what to do in life and to give her the strength to continue.  Right when she said Amen, we were at her door.  I can see now why she was so shocked! Ha ha..  We've been checking in with her a lot.  She just needs friends to talk to so we are there to listen.  We were suppose to teach her and her family tonight but she had something come up so we'll stop by later this week.  The Lord definitely knows who needs us and where to place us.  It's crazy to see the Lord's hand in everyone's lives.
Thank you for all your prayers and love.   - hermana Sorensen

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