March 31, 2014

March 24, 2014

I can't believe my Birthday is here again.  I thought I had one last year! ;)  Ha ha jk.  It sounds like you all had a fun.....and long trip to Illinois.  That makes me happy you got grandpa to go for part of it.  Did grandpa have fun?  What all did you do there?!  I can't wait to go out there and explore!  How was Kaylor's homecoming though from what you heard?  I'm sure it was good.
Well lately I've been thinking back on my mission and I feel like I don't have any exciting moments or stories.  But this week was one of those weeks when you do!  I'm a bad story teller, so hopefully all this will make sense in an email and I have time to write everything.  But the biggest exciting story is with an investigator named Jessica.  The missionaries have been teaching her for awhile but her dad is against her getting baptized.  Well we found out she doesn't need his permission since he doesn't have full custody of her, she only needs her moms.  So we sent a call out to the mission to pray for her and that her dad's heart will be softened in accepting her being baptized.  We kept asking her if she talked to him but she kept saying no, that she's scared, but thinks she'll talk to him at her sister's Birthday party.  So yesterday was the party.  She invited us to it so that we could meet him and hopefully help soften his heart in that he sees and knows us.  It was nerve wracking to watch her keep approaching her dad trying to figure out when to bring it up.  I felt very awkward being there and especially if it would go bad to be there.  Few minutes past by and she came up to us and said that if there is anything that he has learned from her these past 16 years, is that when she sets her mind on something, she never backs down, and that he can see she really wants this.  So he gave her the approval!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saturday night we actually went over and talked to her and actually asked her when she wants to be baptized.  She had the date for next week (30th) but we knew we had to move it back since she hasn't been to church twice.  We talked about it and she said April 13th.  When she said that, we all felt so excited and good about it.  But we knelt down and asked Heavenly Father if that is when He wants.  When Jessica said Amen, all of us just looked at each other smiling.  We knew that was right, but now just had to get the approval from dad.  And now having the approval, the 13th is set in stone for her to be baptized!!!!!!!!!!  We are just SO excited!!!!!

The other story was with Tionna.  She's having a word of wisdom hold back, so we asked her when she thinks she will be ready.  She said April 19th.  Sister Allred and I were kind of bummed to hear that because we feel she could do earlier, but again, we knelt down and prayed.  When she said Amen, she said "We need to do it sooner, like the 6th."  So, we prayed again and asked about the 6th.  The feeling we felt the 2nd time compared to the 1st was an answer there that the Lord knows when these people need to be baptized.

Also this week, this Saturday we had a Stake Women's Conference.  I'm running out of time, but it was a really good conference.  Its theme was "Keepers of His Light" and centered on having Christs light within us.
Sister Vicki Marshall and me
The main speaker Sister Vicki Marshall from Las Vegas grew up in the Convent.  So she told of her experience as a nun and her run ins with Mormons growing up.  She converted to this church because of a neighbor who listened to the promptings of the holy ghost in making a cherry pie for her.  Why not apple, berry, peach, etc pie?  Cherry?  Hummm...  Cherry however was Vicki's all time favorite and she would "sale her soul" for that pie. :)  This neighbor then invited her to the Relief Society activity and there the Holy Ghost blew off all the negative things she heard and saw in this church.  She was later baptized and now goes around sharing her story.  She was so awesome to listen to.  I could sit there all day.  Sister Crandall and I got a picture with her.  She was so happy to see us sacrificing our time and helping find stubborn people like her to bring the gospel to.  It was nice.

Well my time is up.  Thank you for everything and all the Birthday wishes.  It should be a good day I hope.  I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Sister Sorensen

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