December 20, 2013

November 26, 2013

Well for Thanksgiving here, we are house hoping a lot because a lot of people want us over.  The Hixson's are having us over and said they are headed to Utah either Thursday evening or Friday morning.  They said I could send some packages with them and that you could meet up.  I said that would be wonderful, so hopefully that is okay with all of you.   I hope all of you have a good day and know that I will be thinking of you and looking forward to next Thanksgiving with you!!!!  Tell everyone hi!

Helping the Forman's decorate
As of this last week things were okay.  Still trying to find new investigators and find the less actives here.  We are helping a lot of the members with their Christmas decor which is fun!

Lupita and Hannah Alvarado-Calixtro came to church this Sunday!!!! I went to Primary with Hannah and Hna Odor went to YW's with Lupita.  Hannah loved it!  YW's was a little different along with sunday school so I think Lupita was a little taken back and didn't enjoy it as much as she could have other Sundays. :/  But we were very happy they came!  

Sorry it's a short one today and nothing fun to read.  We've been knocking lots of doors and trying to find people to teach.  But I'm excited for Thanksgiving this week and the memories I will make here. I will tell you all about it next week and I can't wait to see pictures and hear how yours went.  Be safe and eat lots!  Next Monday we are going Ice Skating, but I should still be able to do my emailing, if not you will get it Tuesday!  LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!  Take care!!!!!

- Hermana Sorensen

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