December 28, 2013

December 24, 2013 Christmas Eve!

Hello everyone!  So I will be talking with you all tomorrow so I won't write too much. :) President is letting us do Skype this year WITH the video feature!!!!
Sorry I was not able to email yesterday.  I was up once again in Yosemite!  It was a lot colder this round obviously with some snow on the ground.  Still not a lot but it was nippy.  It's nice going up in that I'm learning more of what areas are worth seeing and not, so when we come out I will know which ones to show all of you to get the best sight seeing.  Yesterday we saw a lot of what I saw the very first time I went up. (more of the falls).  There wasn't many since the rain fall has been little.  So when we come we will have to come once the snow has melted in the summer time.  We all got a little car sick this round so we did a lot of stops here and there to take a breather and walk around.  My legs are so sore right now after the hiking we did.  Ha ha..  But it was pretty.

This past week was very boring because.....I was sick.  I came down with a head cold and was out for a couple days.  So we did lots of sleeping and staying inside so we could get feeling better for Christmas.  The Horan's have been so sweet to us in letting us come over there to relax and so Amie can nurse us back to health.  I'm feeling better now.  The good fresh and crisp air yesterday helped the sinuses.  Just got a little dry cough and sore calves now.  :)  

So last Monday, I had I think the most sweetest and most powerful blessings so far on my mission and even in my life.  I was just having a rough time with everything and finding my purpose here at this time.  We had FHE at the Horan's so afterwards I ask Jim if he could give me a blessing.  I felt bad for just throwing it on him and not giving him much of a heads up.  But the blessing he gave me left us all in tears and has changed us all.  It was very sacred and Jim still talks about it.  He even gave his talk about it this last Sunday (not mentioning names and stuff but about the Atonement and Christ and we all knew what he was talking about.)  In my blessing though I was told over and over again that the Lord loves me and is very aware of my heart right now.  I have gifts and talents to share with these people.  My biggest gift is speaking to the souls of God's children.  I have touched many hearts without knowing it and will continue to do so.  I was comforted to know that the Lord is proud of me for being here at this time.  I was then told to which I will never look at the Atonement the same; I was told that Christ suffered and died for me and would gladly and honorably do it again just for me.  I am an elect woman and have a great calling in this world.  He has spared my life to be here.  I was told that the Lord personally kneels down with me each time I kneel in prayer.  He is with me.  Many more beautiful and sacred things were shared.  I wish so badly we wrote it down or recorded it.  I did have Jim and Amie write their feelings afterwards and I wrote mine down as well.  What a powerful blessing and a comfort to know how much I am loved by him and all of you.  I don't deserve this love but am so grateful for it all and having you all here in my life to bless me and help me along my way.  I wish I could explain more of last Monday and even wish more of that you were here to experience that sweet spirit.  I know this prayer is for all though.  Christ came into this world for ALL of us and suffered everything and died just for us.  He knows us each by name and saw us in his eyes as we went through all of that.  He loves us SO deeply.  More than we can even understand. Literally!  He was born to be our Savior.  He knew what he had to do and what his purpose in life was.  To save us all!  How great it is to have this knowledge that he is our King, our deliverer, our example, our light, our friend, our advocate, our Lord.  I know he would go through all of the pains and torment he suffered the first time again for any one of us.  The worth of souls (or of just one soul) is great in the sight of God.  I was privileged to experience and witness a particle of his love for me this last week in the blessing.  The Priesthood is real and it amazes me how little I tell people about myself or how little they even know about me and yet they always say something that I know is from God because there is no way they would know that other wise.  Dad, Mark, Jeff, and Solomon, please continue to honor and sustain your high calling of holding this power.  Always be ready and in tune to give blessings at any time, especially when a cute little Sister Missionary or Elder comes to your house and asks you to give her/him a blessing.  They trust you enough and chose you to be God's mouth piece.  I want ALL of you to receive a blessing before the new year.  Dad, have Mark or Jeff give you one.  Solomon, if you are with your father this holiday season, have him give you one.  If not, go to your Bishop or ward friend you love and have them give you one.  I know the Lord loves each and everyone of us.  Listen to your purpose here and His deep love he has for just you!  That's my invitation to all of you.

Well like I said not much happened this week other than getting over a cold.  I hope you all are feeling better and getting over your individual colds as well.  Thank you for the Christmas packages and presents.  I hope you enjoy yours as well.  Haven't been home in a year so hopefully you don't already own it.  If so, I have the recite still but I'm sure you can find someone else to give it to or one of the siblings will take it!

I love you all and can't wait to hear from you tomorrow!!!!!!!  It sounds like the Horan's have Skype and will let us use it.  The other sisters are doing their calls around 4:00-5:00 and so they said we can do ours around 11:00-12:00.  

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- hermana Sorensen

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