November 19, 2013

November 19, 2013

Pulled over here for lunch and roasted hot dogs
Well sorry my email is a day late.  We spent the day yesterday in Yosemite with the Jim and Amie Horan.  It was a lot of fun.  We went and saw pretty much the same things I saw back in June when I went, but it was still exciting.  They took Sis Hammer, Sis Bardin, and then Sis Odor, and I.  We drove up in a 15 seater van.  It was huge.  I got really car sick but managed through it.  Today I have a nasty headache though and hangover I guess from it all yesterday.  I bought me a spoon for my collection.  I didn't know if you wanted me to pick you up anything there or if you are like me and actually want to GO there to have a souvenir from there.  Sorry!  Please let me know if there is anything you want me to find out here.  Also, who do I have for Christmas?  Sibling, cousin, etc.?  I'd like to know ASAP so I can start looking around for something fun.  Thanks!

Things here are going good.  We've had a full house with Sister Vogel being back and having her kids come out to visit.  Sister Vogel's granddaughter Avery is 2 and when I could I had fun playing toys with her during our lunch.  The first night they were over though, Avery cried the whole night.  It was awful!  Ha ha..  Definitely wasn't expecting to be kept up by a baby on a mission.  They leave today though so the house will be back to normal.

So guess what?  I'm becoming a trio next week.  I'm being put back with Hna Hammer and covering Los Banos ward ALONG with Mercy Springs with Hna Odor.  I'm excited to be going back to Los Banos, but of coarse irritated because I just can't seem to say goodbye for good here in this town.  Trio's are a challenge, but I'm excited.

This Saturday I had to do splits.  Hna Odor had a baptism in Lemoore, so I called up our RS president and she took me out that night.  It reminded me of back at home going out with the Sisters.  Very different being the missionary and not the team-up driving them around.  Laura, Kimberly, or Mom, have you done any team-ups or splits with the Sisters?!  If not, you'll have to.  Tell the sisters what day or time you are free and go out with them!  Dad, you can too.  You can meet them there or take mom with you!  :)  I'm so grateful for the members here who are willing to help us out and be our family away from family.  Let the missionaries know you are there for them if they need.

The work here this past week has been hard.  4 days in a row, all our lessons cancelled, members weren't, n one to visit, our dinners appointments cancelled, etc.  We were jinked.  So hopefully this next week will be a lot more productive and exciting.

We do have 2 new investigators though!  They just showed up at church looking for a new religion, so we took them to the classes and gave them Book of Mormons, and are now going to be teaching them!  President Schofield our Stake President I guess referred them over.  They are his dental patients and so he told them to check out the church. :)  I don't know their names (I personally think it's Rosa and Conrado, but they say it very Spanishy and fast that I can't understand them and Hna Odor say that that is not their names and says it one way but I've never heard of a name like that.)  Ha ha..  I will keep you updated on them!

We have a baptismal date for Maria Orellano for the 30th but will have to postpone that because she didn't come to church Sunday.  She was found back in April/May time.  I visited her a couple times before they split the area here, and now that I am back, we are picking her back up.  She has 3 kids at home living with her (Tim:11, Michelle:8, and Nicole:3).  Maira's brother and sister-in-law are members it sounds like and so she sees the difference it has made in there lives and she wants that for herself.  She said she's been reading the BOM and wants to learn more.  She is a sweet lady.  We are hoping she went to church this last Sunday in San Jose with her brother and sister in law so she will still be able to get baptized at the end of the month.  Don't really have any other investigators right now.  We do, but still working with them to see if they want the Gospel or no.

Sounds like you will have a full house for Thanksgiving!  Still not really sure what I'm going to be doing.  Probably just house hopping and eating lots and lots of food.

I love you all SO much!!!!  I hope this week is good for all of you too.  I will send pictures next week of Yosemite and everything else that has happened these last few weeks.
TAKE CARE!!!!!!!!!!!
- hermana Sorensen

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