November 11, 2013

October 21, 2013

I'm glad to hear all is well at home!  A gentleman in the ward showed me a picture of the Ogden temple last night!  I can't wait to see it when it's done!  They redid the Fresno endowment room.  It was just plain walled, but now they painted it with the Yosemite mountains!  I can't wait till this next temple trip to see it!  I hear it's super neat.

Well this last week was very busy with meetings.  Had District meeting Tuesday, Zone Conference Wednesday, Exchanges Thursday, weekly planning Friday, Church on Sunday, etc.  So we weren't able to do a whole lot, but we did stay busy.  Michelle Aunchman asked is she could move her baptism date back.  She said there is no way she is turning her back on this church, but she knows she needs to get things straightened out before she gets baptized.  She is incredible.  We weren't suppose to meet with her till Sunday, but she called and texted us asking if we could meet with her.  We met her at the church and that's where she told us she wasn't quite ready to be baptized.  We talked some more and she told us of what happened since we last visited.  We had talked about Law of Chastity and told her that living with her ex-husband is breaking the law.  She went home and was distraught because she saw no fault in it.  She prayed though asking God if the Law of Chastity applied to her.  That day she prayed ended up being the worst day she's had since we've been teaching her.  She was full of anger and sadness towards everyone and wanted nothing to do with anything.  As she sat down and contemplated her feelings, she knew that this was God's answer.  She has felt so much peace and happiness since she's been visiting with us, and this day of her telling herself that one of God's commandments isn't applicable to her, she felt His presence leave.  She knows she needs to keep this commandment now to have those feelings of peace and happiness always.  She attended the Addiction Recovery class this week too and is now getting more help that way.  We are just so happy for her and her sweet testimony she is sharing with us.  I've realized that God really is aware of each and everyone of us.  He does hear and answer our prayers.  Listening to her I can't help but question "why does she get her answers just like that?" "why can't I hear or understand my answers that easily?" "am I doing something wrong?"  But I know this isn't what I should be thinking, so I've been trying to think more on how I receive my answers.  As a missionary you would think I'd know or even they'd know by now.  I guess it's a life long matter though.  I hope I am listening to the promptings he gives me and that I am acting on them in time.  That was a lot of our training this Wednesday at Zone Conference, was listening to the Holy Ghost.  

Yesterday in church Hna Hammer and I performed a musical number!  I played the piano while she sang.  It was like I was back in piano lessons at a piano recital!  I was SO scared!  The song was called "How Shall I Live".  I am so glad to have it done and over with!  Ha ha..  But I didn't mess up as much as I was expecting so that's good! :)  I sure miss playing the piano though.  I am thankful for the sheet music you sent!  It will keep me entertained and up on my piano skills.

This transfer is getting long, but I'm trying to enjoy it while I can.  Not sure if my time is up here in Los Banos or if I'll be here a little longer.  I really REALLY hope Pres Gelwix knows what to do and what the Lord wants for this area.  I really hope I can stay, but we shall see next Saturday when we get the calls.

Thank you all for everything you do for me.  We seriously have the best family ever.  It's sad to see families here not work together or have love for one another.  You all are my bestest friends and will be forever and ever!  I can't even imagine not talking to any of you and not having you in my life.  Thank you all for being such great examples to me and loving me and my flaws.

- hermana Sorensen

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