October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

 Tuesday we got a referral from church head quarters for a Machille Aunchman saying to visit her ASAP and that she's looking for a church.  We went over that night and set up an appt for that next day.  So Wednesday we met with her at the church and got to know her more.  I guess a guy from Utah who is a member was driving through California (truck driver) and pulled over to say a prayer and take a breather.  Machille was on the side of the road having a smoke.  This guy after praying felt impressed to talk to her and give her a pass along card telling her to call him if she ever needed help.  This was back in Feb.  Well, this last Monday she was very depressed and didn't know where to turn but remembered this man.  She gave him a call and they talked for awhile and he said he'd send some missionaries over.  He called Salt Lake, we were given the information Tuesday and like I said stopped by that night.  We've taught her now 2 times, she came to church yesterday, and she wants to quit smoking and drinking and to be BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She really wants this all and you can see the thirst she has for a brighter life and future.  She LOVED church and she's loved all the lessons and agrees completely.  We taught her Friday and we told her to pray and ask if these things are true.  Later that night she called us and said "I was praying like you told me to do and asking God if these things are true.  After a while though I stopped myself and thought "I don't have to pray and ask if it's true, I already know it's true!"  Is that normal and okay?"  We were just so thrilled to hear her say that.  At church she stood up in Relief Society and told everyone who she is and her story and how she is just so happy to finally find this all.  She even signed up to bring food to our ward activity next week! :)  The Lord loves her and we are just so happy that this gentleman heeded the prompting to talk to her and then to send us to her.  We are extatic and can't wait for her baptism!  We just have to help her quit smoking, drinking, and either move out of her house or kick her exhusband out. :/  Please keep her in your prayers that she will stay strong and Satan won't try and stop her from reaching her date for the 27th. 

Another quick story.  I think I mentioned it last week, we found a less active family (the Emerich's) who have let us come in and visit with them.  We saw Sis Emerich Saturday and invited her to church.  She came to all 3 hours too!  So Hna Hammer teamed up with Machille and took her to all the classes with her while I stayed with Sis Emerich.  Both Machille and Sis Emerich were so blown away with church.  Sis Emerich stood up in RS too and mentioned how we need to be brave and call up those ladies in the ward you don't know and visit with them.  She said she's lived her for over a year and no one has tried contacting her but would have loved to have a visiting teacher come over and make her feel loved.  It was a good push for all the ladies to start doing their home teaching in a sneeky way. :)  

This Thursday we had our Relief Society night.  They did a dinner and talked about Visiting teaching.  It was a really good turn out for something like that here.  Everyone was amazed!  I know it was another miracle from God to help the RS see that with a little harder elbow grease, you can have good turn outs to activities.  I know from this experience, we will have a dramatic change in the way they do things in the future and we will see success. :)

- hermana Sorensen

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