June 16, 2013

May 28, 2013

Hola!  Things here in Los Banos are going good.  It's been hard getting use to the area, but I've been blessed with great members and friends.
I still don't really know where I live, but we live with a member Sister Vogel.  She actually is in Oregon so I haven't met her.  She lives alone and is retired and so she just goes and stays with her kids for a few weeks.  Don't know when she's coming back but it sounds like she's really nice.  We have a pet cat now.  Ha ha..  It reminds me a lot of Socks and so it and I are buds.  Don't worry Kimberly, Sock's is still my favorite.  But it's nice to go home at nights and cuddle with something.  Reminds me of home.  His name is Monkey.
We serve in 2 wards: both english: the Mercy Springs ward and the Los Banos ward.  We have the spanish investigators and members attend the Mercy Springs ward and there we just translate for them.  It's been very weird for me to go from all spanish to pretty much all english.  We have contacted a few people this week in spanish which actually turned out really good.  Our first contact I was super nervous, but I just spoke what I knew and Hermana Miller spoke what she knew and we were able to carry a good conversation!  We walked out just blown away at how that just happened.  I've actually spoken more spanish here I feel than in Modesto!  Hermana Miller and I just talk to each other during Language study which has been fun.  It's nice being back with her in that our spanish is at the same level and so we know how to help each other out.  So the language is getting better, but I am just scared being in an english area it might not progress much.  But I will keep practicing and using what I know. 
The trio has been hard.  I had to sleep on the ground the first night here because we didn't have a bed.  The Zone Leaders helped set up a bunk bed the next night.  So now I sleep on the top.  Don't even have a dresser either so I'm still living out of my suit case.  It's very tight in the house.  It's hard to not step on each others toes especially now with all of us getting set in our previous ways and trying to combine ideas of how to run the area together.  But we will learn and things will settle down I'm sure.

Guess what?!  Yesterday I went to YOSEMITE!!!!!!  So beautiful there!!!!  Our Mission Leader in Mercy Springs Bro Betham and Sis Betham took us there.  Headed out at 6:00am and got back around 4:30.  I was thinking about you all the whole time wishing you were here to see it with me.  Made me miss camping and traveling.  I'm excited to show you all and take you there soon.  
Well we have 2 baptisms this weekend.  A 8 and 9 year old (sisters).  So that will be fun.  Still just trying to get to know the area still.
It was hard saying goodbye to Modesto.  Sure enough, the Grimes gave me a Flamingo day farewell.  I sure miss them.  It was also very hard saying goodbye to Candy, Angie, and Maria.  Angie couldn't stop crying and just held onto me the whole time we were there.  I love those girls with all my heart.  I'm so proud of them and how far they have come.

 hermana Sorensen

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