June 17, 2013

June 16, 2013

It's been an unusual week.  Both Hermana Miller and Sister Clawson have been ill off and on to the point we have to go home and rest.  So its been a very very slow and unproductive week.  All yesterday Hna Miller and I watched all the church videos we owned while Sis Clawson was sleeping off a stomach bug.  Earlier this week we had a specialized training though in Modesto.  Greg McKeown came and spoke to us.  He is really big in the business world and is an essentialist.  You'll have to look him up.  It was really good!  We learned a lot about how to learn what is the essential things of the day and to just focus on that.  There are many things in the mission that distract us from our main purpose.  It was very interesting to see how we can still do everything but cut down those things that aren't essential.

After this training, everyone headed out but Sis Miller had to talk to Sister Gelwix.  When she was done, the Assistants to the President asked us sisters if we wanted to go out and eat with them.  So President Gelwix, Sis Gelwix, the assistants Elder Kahuhu and Elder Cameron, Greg McKeown, the 3 of us sisters, and a few of the Elders there in Modesto, we all went out to dinner!  It was very fun and nice to have that one on one time with "the head of the mission" leaders.  They are great people.  We didn't get home till late that night but they say if you're with President you're okay.

Thank you for your love as always.  I am grateful for this gospel and the peace it does bring.  We did visit with a lady this week; Michelle Reno.  We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she kept saying how it was like we were completing the puzzle of life she has never been able to do.  She was a referral from an older couple in the ward who I guess are good friends with her.  The lady we live with is actually another one of her friends and so they all have tried teaching her.  We've done a lot of service for her and she is now opeing up to us and letting us teach here and there.  But I think with this past week and filling in the pieces to the puzzle, she will continue to be receptive and let us teach her.  

- hermana Sorensen

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