June 16, 2013

June 11, 2013


Well this week has been super slow.  The work is just not going any where. Our teaching pool is really small and our leaders are chewing us out for it. It's just hard when they personally can't see your efforts and the work you're doing.  But I know they are just doing there job and that they get just as chewed out from President.  Our zone here is a lot different from my last.  Modesto we were very unified and supportive of each other.  Here it's just they'll talk to us when they have to get our numbers or for role plays.  We have a lot of Hmong Elders though!  Our District Leader is Hmong speaking.  Him and is comp are from Kaysville.  So it's fun to hear them speak the language.

We had Zone Conference this past week on Tuesday.  It was really good!  I loved how the topic wasn't really "gospel" oriented or "missionary" like, it was on how to be better people and to see how our missions will benefit us in the years to come.  It was just a good self motivator and reminded me why I am out here.  We all have been held back to come at this time.  We knew the people we would be and become.  As a missionary, I did not come to California to be miserable. I didn't come on a mission to be 99% obedient, sleep in, drag my feet, want worldly things, etc.  I came because I wanted to prove myself.  I knew this would be hard yet I still accepted the call.  Sure it's okay to miss home and want things, we're humans, but it's controlling those desires and wants.  In a year I'll have all that again, but for now I am here because I love Him.  I enjoy making an impact on others lives.  I've grown to love the people here so deeply.  I've grown to love you all so deeply!  I have found appreciation for my life challenges.  I've learned to communicate and be a good friend.  

Well we've been teaching a lady named Lucy and her daughter Naida.  They are a cute family.  I think I told you about her before how we stopped at her house and she told us of her family and how they are all sick with cancer, in the hospital, and just struggling in life.  She's been reading the Book of Mormon and enjoys us coming over.  We've also been visiting a lot with the Lagunas family.  Anthony (12) is getting baptized next month.  He was suppose to get baptized last month and then this month, but the families schedule is hectic this month so hopefully next month.  He wants to be baptized now.  Last Monday we had FHE with them at the Betham's home and he just kept saying "why can't I get baptized now?".  We watched Finding Faith in Christ.  The mother was baptized a while back but is not active so we are trying to target her and the rest of the family.  But Sis Lagunas really enjoyed the video.  She said she just gets it now and why we do what we do.  Last night we did FHE again and it's just beautiful to see Sis Lagunas greatly benefit from these lessons.

Thank you for everything!  I'm so blessed to have you all in my life and for the love that we have and share.  
Te quiero mucho!
- hermana Sorensen

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