June 30, 2013

June 24, 2013

This week we knocked on a door when the lady said "Wow, missionaries haven't been to my door in 13 years! Come on in!"  Her name is Montserrat Morales. She's 26, single mother, son is 2 (Joshua), and lives with her parents. She was very nice and open with us. She is very polite and kept saying "I don't want to offend you but I believe this...." and it would be what we believe too.  She feels a lot of guilt in her life and told us she knows she's already going to hell but doesn't use that as an excuse to do bad stuff.  We told her that she can be forgiven of her sins and return to live with God.  She was astonished at the thought. She has a lot of really good beliefs and feelings. I hope she doesn't let fear or doubt come in.  She said we're wasting our time, but with how genuine and real she is with her questions, we all feel really good about her and want to help clear up and misconceptions she has.  We taught her plan of salvation and she really enjoyed it.  Michelle Reno isn't really progressing, but we visited her with a member in the ward and had a lesson on the Restoration.  She doesn't understand or can't grasp the concept of Joseph Smith.  We have lunch with her Friday so hopefully we can continue to work with her as well.  ALSO this week we met with Andrea.  She was a referral from the Mercy Springs bishops daughter.  It was actually for the little girl Emily, but we stopped by and the mom said she wants to study with us.  We visited her and she is just so sweet and loving.  She's the one who calls US to reschedule when she has to cancel.  We were suppose to have a 2nd visit with her this weekend but she had family come into town and she called us and just said she felt really really bad and asked if it's okay to reschedule.  Tomorrow we'll get to see her again.  When we were visiting with her the 1st time, we asked her what she wanted or expected from us.  She said she wants to be closer to God and be baptized!  So naturally we set a baptism date for her and hopefully July 6th she can!!!  We know she has a smoking/drug problem so we are praying that won't hold her back.

I too attended the Mission President training broadcast!  I thought it was incredible!  I wish more people would have taken it more serious and come to it. It can be watched online now right? I hope! I had the goose bumps the whole time just seeing all those missionaries and those teaching moments.  It's always funny when I see missionaries and get excited for them and their adventures and then realize I am a missionary too!  It has been fun and it has been an adventure.  I loved how much the members need to be involved now.  This truly is their missions.  Us missionaries are just here to assist them and help them.  Our 2 wards are SUPER small and the only way to get them to increase at the rate we need and want is to get the members to start helping in the efforts. I don't even think I told you much about my wards. Mercy Springs is the "Spanish" ward which covers Dos Palos and parts of Los Banos and where we translate into spanish for.  The bishop is Bishop Nuno.  Los Banos ward is Volta, Santa Nella, and the rest of Los Banos.  The bishop is Bishop Lee.  Bishop Lee actually has stage 4 cancer and is very very ill. It has been hard for the ward and his family. Bro Andersen has pretty much taken charge, but the stake does not want to release Bishop Lee.  It's sad to see him and his family just living it moment to moment.  The son is getting ready for a missionary but has put that off for a while to help the family and be there these last few days or weeks or months.  Dad, he actually served in Quebec!  It's been fun getting him to reflect on his missionary days and some what feel a connection from you serving there. He says he hasn't used much of his french sadly.  He actually is the Principal at one of the High Schools here but has resigned. He's a good man.

Well I love you all and appreciate all your love and concern for the work here and for me.  Tell everyone I say hi and send my love too.  Continue helping the missionaries there! :)

Love you all!
- hermana Sorensen

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