February 13, 2013

Week 3 at the MTC

This week has been crazy! We got a new bunkbed in our room to hold 6 girls now. Super packed, but I guess with all the missionaries coming in they have to. I heard they're opening a MTC in Mexico. I've been here for 21 days and have about 21 more! HALF WAY THROUGH MTC!!!! Last night as we were in line for the Tuesday Devotional, Hermana Miller asked the Elders behind us where they're serving, and they said.......FRESNO!!!!!!! We were all so happy to see each other and get to know one another.  They are awesome Elders.  There's 5 Elders and then just us 2 Hermana's here speaking spanish.  We all head out the end of this month.  We sat with them in the Fireside. :) It made our night and got us all even more excited to get out there and meet the people there. 

Guess what else?! I was pulled aside Sunday and was assigned to be the new Coordinating Sister for our Zone!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for it but super nervous. We get 6 new girls today so I have to welcome them in tonight and tomorrow.  I had meetings all day Sunday and last night. :)  So I am in charge of 17 girls right now.  4 of them leave to Spain on Monday.  In one of my meetings I went to I learned something very profound and have been working on it a lot since then.  Sister Hacking (1st or 2nd counselors wife) said "people respond to love".  I always knew that, but that just really hit hard and was like one of those "DUH" moments! I've been trying so hard to just love those around me and to respond with love. There in the mission I will not know what they are saying the first few months, but I know if I respond with love, they will respond and listen to what's said through the spirit.

Still working hard trying to get the language.  Yesterday in TRC my mind went completely blank.  That feeling you always here when missionaries get out in the mission field and they realized the language everyone is speaking is not the language you learned.  Yeah that was my feeling.  Everything was just gone and I just sat there so confused.  I kept saying everything in English and kept being told "spanish!" and I'm like "Spanish? How the heck am I suppose to know how to speak in spanish when I don't even know anything?!"  Ha ha.. Our next meeting I did slightly better but still at a lose.  My teacher came up to me and Hermana Miller and told Hermana Miller that she can no longer help me but has to let me suffer. I agree.  My spanish won't come along until I really put it to the test.  So I now have to struggle putting sentences together, but hopefully it will help. 

Thank you to those sending letters!! I really do appreciate them and love them. For those of you not, I still love you, but you should write me!!!!! :) I promise to write back on my p-days! :)

I leave with with something I learned from President Hacking Sunday:
"We all will face challeges and hardships like Joseph Smith.  We will all experience our own "Liberty Jail". Every experience will be for our learning.  Be humble, faithful, & speak no harshness about trials.  We will be blessed.  God knows the remodeling we need done to our "houses".  :) You guys as a family should read D&C 121:1-6 about Joseph's experiences with trials.  God doesn't forget about us.  We are his children.

Take care!!!!
-hermana Sorensen  -posted by her Dad

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