February 1, 2013

Week 1 and 2 at the MTC

Hermana Arianne Sorensen and companion, Hermana Kiley Miller
Hermana Arianne Sorensen andher MTC District

  I have the greatest companera ever, Hermana Kiley Miller.  Her and I get a long so well.  When she's down, I help pick her up and vice versa.  We both got our mission calls the same day, and arrived here same day, leave same day, and today in the temple we just found out we both went through the temple for the first time on the same day.  So cool. :)

  I love my district!  All the guys in it are serving here in Utah. :) We have Elder Shrack, Elder Wickenhagen, Elder Tofa, Elder Biggs, Elder Burgin, Elder Flora, and Hermana Shaw, Hermana Moffitt, and then Hermana Miller and I.  Our teacher is Hermano Jaen from Mexico.

Things here are getting better but still really hard.  Funny thing the other night, I just got in the shower and the fire alarm went off!  Hermana Miller and I had to hurry rinse off, put on some clothes and get out! Ha ha ha.. She kept yelling "Hermana Sorensen, are you still in here?!" I yelled out "Hermana Miller, we have to go!" Ha ha.. We now know what it feels like to be pioneers where they had to leave everything behind. :P But it all was because some girl upstairs burnt her popcorn.  Had to wait outside at 9:30pm for like 30 minutes. COOOLLLDD!!!!!! But it made for great laughs. :)  We actually had another fire drill the next day so we were getting frustrated.  But we're all still alive and doing good. :) 
With all the new missionaries coming through, we were informed we're getting more beds put in our rooms.  They will be here probably Friday to put em in.  CRAZY how many missionaries we're getting. 
The language is still hard.  Just when I think I get it, we're given new words.  It is so fast paced and everything.  But I am learning to enjoy this time and be grateful for this moment.  For devotionals, we've heard from mostly the Seventy.  All still really good talks.  Apparently we missed Elder Holland.  He came the Tuesday night before I got here.  I hope we get at least 1 of the 12 come while I'm here.  If not oh well.  Thank you for all the love and support.  Miss you guys everyday, but I know I'm suppose to be here.  I'm getting so ancy for the end of February when I can finally meet my friends in Fresno.  President Ferrell before I left told me the 2 ways to know if you're being a successful missionary is to 1: teach others they're children of God and they can talk to him, and 2: that you're better than you were yesterday.  I have really been focusing a lot on number 2.  I am such a better person then I was yesterday and I pray that I will continue to be so. 
You all are in my thoughts and prayers.  Take care.  :)  LOVE YOU!!!!!!
- hermana Sorensen    -posted by her Dad

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