February 20, 2013

Week 5 at the MTC: ER Visit!

I want to share my experience at the ER though because it was just super amazing. (weird I know).  First off, my nurse's name was.....ARIANNE!!!!!! Spelled the same and everything.  Just HAD to get a picture with her!  :) Even though I was in pain, it was a little blessing from God.  But back to my story.  After dinner I was in a lot of pain where I couldn't even breathe.  The Health Clinic here was closed so I went to the front desk and was told to go straight to the ER.  As we were waiting in the waiting room there, a car pulled up and the dad jumped out with his little daughter in his arms.  He ran in and I instantly did not like the situation.  The mother jumped out as well just as quickly and both ran in with tears running down their faces trying to communicate to the doctors what's happening.  They only spoke Spanish so they had to get a translator. It was then when I realized how helpful learning Spanish is.  I couldn't understand what they were saying, but their body language said it all and I already knew what happened.  Their sweet little daughter who's maybe a year and a half old had fallen and most likely got a concussion.  She was not responding at all to anything.  They tried to get her to grab an object but she wouldn't.  They tried to get her to follow their fingers with her eyes but she wouldn't.  I broke down in tears and started pleading to God to allow this girl to be okay.  The parents kept kissing her and loving her.  They put a neck brace on her and left to get more attention.  I still don't know what really happened or if she's even okay, but I know the Lord loves her and her family and is watching over them. I don't understand how one minute everything could be okay and then before you know it, everything's changed.  My heart broke that night and I didn't even care about the pain I was in.  Shortly after that, another family came in with the little boy screaming.  I just thought "Oh no not again!"  Luckily though it wasn't as serious.  It was actually the mother that needed the attention.  She was having contractions (not due till May) and her little boy Peter has been having stomach pains too so they were in killing 2 birds with one stone.  As the mom was being taken care of, Hermana Miller and I got to talk with Peter and his dad.  Peter is turning 2 in a couple months and just LOVES Elmo.  He wouldn't stop crying so I gave him some of my "magic" lotion.  Boy did he love that and rubbed it all over.  We got him smiling and playing with us.  What a cute little boy.  Sure made me miss Vanessa, Owen, Sariah, Aliyah, Hailey, Gideon, and Packer.  But it was such a comfort to be able to love and play with a child.  I love kids. :)  All while we were here and all this happening, there was an older gentlemen in the room as well and he had a Libro de Mormon and pamphlet with him.  I couldn't stop smiling.  We wanted to go up and talk with him, but our lack of Spanish scared us and we ended up not. 
  Let's hope it's over.  It took forever to have things done that night.  But I didn't care.  I knew there were more serious cases.  I got my ultrasound done at midnight and then left at 1.  Then we stopped at Walgreens to pick up prescriptions.  What a night and event. I have definitely felt the love of God this past week in all the little things.  I'm so blessed to have the companion I have in that she was willing to stay with me the full 7 hours in the ER.  We didn't get to bed till 2 that night.  Never did she complain.  She sat there with me the whole time.
Yesterday in TRC (just an activity we do each week where we practice our lessons and Spanish to some volunteer members).   Our lesson was about receiving revelation through church attendance and I mentioned how I received an answer at church when I was deciding about going on a mission.  March 25th, my Birthday, it was during Sacrament when I received that answer.  All the testimonies shared that day dealt with missions.  After I mentioned that I knew being here was where I needed to be.  I have no clue why the Lord wants and trust me with learning Spanish, but he does.  I am so not ready to speak it to real investigators and I'm not ready to leave the comfort of the MTC.  I know I will eventually learn it though.  It will take time.  But anyway, it's crazy to think next week I'll be in California!!! I'm so excited but so so so so nervous.
- hermana Sorensen,     posted by her Dad

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