February 13, 2013

Week 4 at the MTC

 Last Wednesday we got about 814 missionaries and I hear today we are to get over a 1,000.  HOLY COW!!!!!  So exciting.  Meal times are such a pain though now.  Takes us forever to get our food with how long the lines are.  And to think it will only get worse!  I hope they build another cafeteria or make more meal times.  No firedrills this week. ;) Ha ha.. This last Sunday my District and I sang in Sacrament meeting.  Our presidency LOVES our singing and wants us to sing again before we all leave.  The spirit is so strong when we sing it's amazing.  Hermana Miller and I finally joined the choir yesterday and loved it.  We'll see if we go next week though. Ha ha..
6 new sisters are joining our district today.  4 left this week for Spain finally after having to wait for VISA's.  The cold is still going around.  All the Hermana's in my room are sick.  I've had really bad stomach pains this past week but haven't had them much recently.  Hopefully it was just some bug or something.  No fun being in pain and sick away from home.  But the Hermana's took good care of me and the Elder's were super kind in checking up on me. 
My favorite things of the MTC are: the Devotionals of coarse! Still no one exciting or famous yet, but hopefully I'll get 1 before the 27th.  I LOVE the Blueberry Muffin Top Cereal.  Sure gonna miss that. :)  I love the teachers here.  They are all so uplifting and helpful.  Things I hate about the MTC is the community bathrooms.  I can't wait till I have a shelf with my stuff and not having to bring it in and out everytime.  The food isn't terribly bad, but I'm excited for real food I'll have in 2 short weeks.  I hate how crowded everything is.  And MTC or no MTC, I am hating this cold!  Burrrrr!!!! 
I'm grateful for this chance to be here. I know this church is true and I'm excited for what lies ahead.  Nervous, but super scared.  I've learned a lot about love and conversion this week.  My encouragment to you guys is to love everyone around you. :) I know I wasn't the best at that before, but I have seen already how love affects your attitude and the way people see you.  I am now a teacher and example.  I have to be what this church teaches, which is the plan of happiness.   I love what Kimberly has always said but now means everything to me which is something to the effect of life is to short to be angry or upset.  Be happy!  It makes all the difference.  It truly has made all the difference here and I hope I can continue this through out my life.           -posted by her Dad.

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