July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013

I'm glad to hear your 4th was good!  I sure missed the Clearfield fireworks.  The ones here sure didn't compare.  We spent it at Bea and Martin Laguna's house.  We got there around 4:30 and stayed till 10:00.  They had all their family there so I had fun playing that lasso golf game we have at home with some of the kids.  I won of coarse. ;)  For dinner we had Tri-Tip, hot dogs, rice, corn and fruit.
Bea and Martin Laguna
 It was fun to just relax and visit and not be on a time schedule.  The gentlemen started some fireworks so we had fun watching them.  In the back ground we could see a few of the big fireworks going off.  We caught some of Pacheco High's fireworks, but again they don't compare at all to what we see in Utah.  I guess that's what you get for living in a small town like Los Banos.  Hermana Miller and I just laid on the grass afterwards looking at the stars and just admiring how big this world is and how grateful we are for the Plan of Salvation.  So it was a good 4th.

The weather is getting cooler here too but still warm.  Is the water shortage all of US or just Utah or the western states?  There are a lot of signs here about conserving water but who knows.  I know nothing! Ha ha.. Yay for Missionary life!  You will have to keep me posted on the big events in the world so I look sane when people ask me or talk about it.

This past week has been good!  Last Tuesday we saw a huge miracle.  Last weekend we were going through the ward list and I spotted a name (the Langs) that was on our new records, but not the previous one, so I thought they were new.  I told Sis Clawson and Miller that we should call and see if we can visit them to welcome them in if we haven't met them already.  I called them up and talked to the man named Henry.  He was so excited to hear from us and we set up an appointment.  Well the next day he called and asked if we'd like to join them for lunch.  There was no turning that down! Ha ha..  So last Tuesday we stopped by and visited with them.  When Henry answered the door, all of our hopes diminished.  You could smell heavy smoke from within and coffee.  But we went in, had lunch, and then started asking questions on how they were members.  Henry and his wife Georgette have been living there for a while now.  Georgette's mother was a member living in that home but go ill so Georgette moved in with her till she died.  They ended up buying the home and now lives there.  Georgette is not a member, and Henry has fallen away.  As we got talking the spirit there was SO strong!  I have never felt it more in my life then I did there.  I even told them that and they started crying because I knew they could feel it too.  We asked Georgette if we could start teaching her and she said absolutely.  She's always wanted to be baptized and be a member of this church but she was always so busy raising the kids and then taking care of the mom.  We talked a lot about temples and Henry shared many of the miracles he has seen in his life.  I have never met someone with such faith as he has.  He truly has witnessed many wonderful things in his lifetime but has not acted on those experiences.  He has been through the temple and knows these things are true, but because of what a bishop previously mentioned to him offended him and he left.  We went back a second time this last week and taught them the Plan of Salvation.  Georgette understood it all and thought it was wonderful.  She said she knows this is what her mother wants her to do and that this is the time.  Words can't describe how awesome this family is.  The spirit is so present there and my testimony has been strengthened because of them.  The said they couldn't make it to church this past Sunday but said they would definitely be there next.  We're visiting with them again today so I am super excited.  God truly puts prepared people in your path in the most unusual ways.  All it took was comparing ward lists and making a call.  Little did we know we would find a part member family who has been waiting for us.  We set a baptismal date for August 3rd.  YAY!!!

Anthony Lagunas baptism
They were the highlight of my week.  Also Anthony Lagunas was baptized too this Saturday!!!!!  He was just so happy.  The whole family came which was very nice.  The grandma was crying as we sang the closing song.  She is very stubborn in her ways but I am glad that she felt something that day.

I don't have much time this week, but I know this gospel is true.  I'm so excited for you all in your new family mission plan.  I know as you pray and ask God who is prepared for you; whether it be giving them a pass along card to or just saying hello; he will guide you and let you know.  I know there is someone only you can touch.  I know I need to eat my own words  at times when I get down and feel like I have no impact here, but I know that's not true.  Continue to work as a family and help those around you.  Be their friend, invite them over for dinner, hang out with them, etc. so that when missionaries knock on their door they will let them in because of the sweet influence they've had with previous Mormons.

I love you all!  Thank you so much for all the emails and love and support.  I really appreciate it.

Take care! xoxoxoxoxo
-hermana Sorensen

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