July 28, 2013

July 22, 2013 - Flamingo Day!

It's sad not being able to celebrate Flamingo Day with you all but I'm excited to celebrate it here.  I got a bunch of cute pink flamingo cards from Dad and Mom Grimes back in Modesto.  No one here in Los Banos really knows of Flamingo day sadly.  I told my comp but she thinks that's weird and hasn't really recognized it.  But that's okay. I know you all are celebrating it and I'll be there celebrating it with you in spirit because in my heart I sure am celebrating it!!! :)  Thank you all for being silly and just having fun in life.

We had Zone Conference Friday.  It was one of the big ones where you get your car checked, relearn emergency plans, learn more about eating and exercising healthy, etc.  We even got new phones!  No iphone or ipads yet, but they say within the next couple months we could have them!  I guess they are still testing them out in the Provo mission.  Then we were informed on the new dress standards for the Elders.  Pres Gelwix said he doesn't want it to take immediate effect, but to slowly work into it.  It's nice though that they are changing things up for missionaries now days.  I'm just happy I can wear clothes that are more stylish. :)  At Conference though, I met an Elder that was in the same MTC District as Drew!  He's from South Jordan so I asked if he knew Drew Roberts and he was like "I didn't know him much in High School, but we were in the same District in the MTC!"  I wrote his name down but I can't remember now.  I think it was Elder Larsen.  He's in my mission until he gets his Visa to South America.  We had Elders in our mission who were headed to Denmark.  One of the Elders that served in my area for a couple weeks was just informed his Visa finally came!  He's headed out tomorrow.  It'll be sad not having him around but we are all so excited for him.

This week has been just working to get new investigators.  That day we found 5 new investigators.  4 of them are in a family.  They seemed really excited about our message.  We set a return appointment for the other day but we showed and they weren't home.  Hopefully we can get a hold of them and teach them!  We taught Howie at church yesterday.  He is our only progressing investigator in both wards.  He's been reading the BOM, coming to church, and praying.  His scheduled baptism date was for this weekend but we've only taught him 2 lessons.  So we are aiming for August some time.

We did service this week for the Lagunas.  Audreyanna Lagunas was in the ER Tuesday do to stomach pains.  They think she has Cervical cancer. :(  She goes in this week to get more tests done.  Saturday night we were texting her and found out Victor her husband was now in the ER.  We hurry and went over to their house to see what's up.  I guess Anthony (the 12 year old that was baptized), his older brother Matthew got in a fight with the dad and grabbed a rod and hit him in the face.  Victor's face was all cut up.  Matthew was put into juvenile hall.  So we helped that night doing laundry and dishes.  I got the 2 youngest kids ready for bed.  I tried having them race like we do at home to see who gets their pj's on the fastest, but that did not work like it does with us.  Ha ha.. they just stood their staring at me with confused faces.  I finally got them in their pjs but by the time we were leaving they were back in their normal clothes.  Kids definitely need nightly routines.  
Well I love you all and hope you have a good Flamingo Day!!!   Also can you believe a year ago I sent my mission papers through!!!!! :)  CRAZY!!!!  I'm so glad I'm here and for the things that I have learned so far.  It really is the hardest experience ever, but I love learning more about my Father in Heaven and brother Jesus Christ.  Take care!!!!

-hermana Sorensen

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