September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

Nothing much has happened since Wednesday.  The Palmer's in the ward fed us fried pickles last night!  Not too bad!!  I'm trying to learn new recipes to bring home.  I learned a really good hot chocolate brownie one.  I'm asking around for a good Horchata drink.  I sure found a fast food place that has really yummy horchata.  I guess funny story this week.  Hna Hammer went to get a drink out of the fridge the other night.  When she opened it, Monkey our cat jumped out.  Ha ha ha..  I think she jumped in when I went to get a drink but I didn't see her.  Luckily she was in there long, but it was still super funny to see and feel how cold she was.  She cracks me up.  Socks and her would be the greatest friends I tell ya.  Another cute story is we were visiting a recent convert, when one of the little girls named Giselle (she's 3), exclaimed, "I pick my boogers and put them in mommy's purse!"  We all laughed.  Silly girl.  THEN!  Yesterday after church we were invited over to the Horan's house (our RS pres) for their big family get together dinner.  It was Jimmy Horan's 4th Birthday too.  When we all went to sing Happy Birthday, I was shocked and couldn't stop laughing at how they sung it.  They SHOUTED and SCREAMED the song.  It was a battle who could be the loudest.  Poor little Jimmy was just covering his ears waiting for it to be over so he could just blow out the candles.  It was so fun being there because it reminded me of home.  I love getting together and having dinners and talking with all of you.  That's the biggest thing I miss is our family dinners.

I don't know really what else to write about.  I guess Saturday we had a different day.  The Elders here called us and asked for cleaning supplies.  We went over and found their apartment trashed!  I guess one of the Elders had a major melt down and exploded.  There was glass, shredded paper, and just everything everywhere.  He has anger issues, so.  The other Elder called President.  He came down with all the assistants and Zone Leaders.  We are not sure what's going to happen, if the Elders are going to be transferred out, or if they'll send another Elder to take the spot, or what.  One of our Zone Leaders is here right now on an emergency exchange till we hear otherwise.  We're nervous because we might get both wards back again, and I don't know how I feel about that.  So we are all on the edge of our seats waiting to be told what to do.  But this is just between you guys.  Also Bishop Lee's treatment is still not working and is getting weaker and weaker.  His parents have now moved in to help the family and that they can get as much as they can with him before he passes.  What do you think are some ways we can help this area and the ward.  We feel we're not doing anything, but we really are working hard.  We still don't have investigators, still trying to earn trust of members, and trying to get this area moving.  Hna Hammer and I are open to any and all suggestions.

I've had some foot problems the last little while.  Back in the MTC I had a pebble or something in my shoe but could never find it.  So I got all these tiny bumps on my heel.  Well the last few weeks they've been really sore and it hurts to walk.  So I've been limping and soaking it a lot but still don't know what's irritating it or why the bumps won't go away.  We just tease that it's cancer and my foots just gonna fall off.  No big deal.  Ha ha.. Hopefully it will go away soon because my hip is starting to hurt with limping. :)

I love you all and I know there will be more interesting things to write about next week.  I have my ups and downs with being here, but all in all I love it and I know all these things will help me later in my life.  I know God loves us and wants us to follow him.  We are given hard challenges not to punish us, but to learn.  I know I'm here in Los Banos to learn how to be a hard worker and not give up.  We all wish for the easy route, but it's more adventurous the hard way I guess.  

Thank you all for the letters, emails, and love.  Sorry I can't personally respond to each and everyone quickly, but I will get to it!  Be patient with me and my limited time to read and respond.
Te quiero mucho!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
con amor,
Hermana Sorensen 

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