September 25, 2013

September 23, 2013 Half Way!

Drum roll.....this Wednesday marks my official half way point!!!!!  Holy Moly!!!  It's crazy but I also feel it's about time! ha ha jk.  No I really am happy to be here.  The time is flying by and I am trying to enjoy every minute I can.  I made it through another transfer though.  I will be staying in Los Banos for another transfer with Hermana Hammer!  I am very relieved.  I was not ready to say goodbye.  I got word though that my trainer Hermana Crandall is the new Coordinating Sister for the Mission.  I knew it!!!!  She's the best and is going to do great!  She's just leaving Modesto.  Been there for 9 months!  And will now be in Fresno probably the rest of her mission.

Well this week I became a member of the Cardinal Puff Club.  I will have to tell you more about it when I get back.  But let's say I felt really sick afterwards.  The Elders gave me a bigger cup then what everyone else used and so I ended up drinking a LOT of water.  Ugh..  But I did it finally and it feels great to join the club!  Ha ha.. 

Tuesday before our District Meeting, Hna Hammer and I went out to get donuts for breakfast.  As we were ordering, we didn't realize the gentleman was talking to us in Spanish.  We ordered, and as we were headed to pay he told us not to worry about it and he gave them to us for free.  We were so touched by his kindness and as we were walking out, that was when we realized he only was speaking Spanish to us and we understood everything he said to the point of ordering something!  We were very proud of ourselves. :)  After District Meeting we went back to Los Banos and tracted all day long.  We were very distraught and down at the rudeness of people after such a good morning.  Well we got to our dinner appointment which was with Donna Murphey who isn't a member or even investigator, we were so flabbergasted to see a candle lit dinner awaiting us.  It was Thanksgiving in September.  Turkey, potatoes, rolls, pumpkin pie, green beans, etc.  She is just the sweetest lady ever.  We tracted into her awhile back and she told us she's not interested, but would love to feed us.  So we took her up on the offer.  Her Boyfriend Manuel was there too.  He told us a lot about Portugal (where he was born) and about his religion back ground.  They are both in the 50's and so it was fun hearing their life stories.  Manuel was very amazed at the sacrifice we were making in being here.  We told them more about our church and a little bit about our beliefs.  We kept it very light and sweet, nothing to pushy.  And in doing so we got another dinner appointment!  This time Manuel is cooking and said he's going to make us a fancy Portugal meal! :)  I'm excited!  So the donuts and candle lit dinner really made our day special.  Also that night we went to Young Women's and helped them door bell ditch the Bishops house.  We taped up their front door and stuck a bunch of balloons in it so when they open the door they all fall in.  It was so cute to hear their reactions.  They definitely can use some laughter every now and then at this hard time.

The biggest thing we planned for this week was our ward activity.  We had a pretty good turn out to the Volleyball game.  The Alvarado-Calixtro family (our investigators) came to it!  Lupita and Hannah enjoyed playing volleyball while mom and dad (Betty and Carlos), and little Jesus played in the Nursery.  It was a fun night!  It was mostly all the active ward members that came, but it was more than we had at our movie night last month.  I know little by little more and more people will come to the activities.  

This week the temperature has really dropped down.  It's been in the low 70's!!!!  Saturday we got a big windstorm that almost blew us away!  I didn't mind tracting in that at all!!! :)  Then that night we had a mini rainstorm.  Mini as in it only rains for 3 minutes if you're lucky.  We always come out of where ever we are and see the ground wet and realize it must have rained while we stepped into a house for a quick prayer.  I sure miss Utah weather especially at this time of year.  I don't even know what the weather this time of year is going to be like here.  Not sure if it will stay in the 70's or if this is just a cold front and that it will be back in the 100's next week.

I think the thing I learned this week is that Satan is really working hard to lead others astray.  I keep hearing that the Pope now is just amazing and his teachings are so much nicer.  More churches are accepting more doctrine and beliefs.  This is all very bad!  Meeting people of other faiths all the time and talking to them, they find no need to join our church because their church believes the same and so they are just going to stay in their church since they already know the people.  Our churches AREN'T the same.  With our investigators now, they don't see the need or urgency to join this church.  It's sad!  One of our Less Active members we've been visiting and reteaching (Cheryl) has told us she will be going to the Catholic church for awhile to clear up some of her mistakes so that the Mormon church doesn't have to deal with it.  She then said if she doesn't feel anything there, she will come back to ours.  I'm getting so sick of hearing that!  I informed you last week with the Palmer's and Lupe saying they think this church isn't for them.  Just because we are given trials doesn't mean God doesn't love us.  He's testing us to see which way we turn.  Alma 5:28 I believe.  The good shepherd is calling us.  We need to make sure we are listening to him and not the bad shepherd.

A lot of little things went on this week, but it's hard to write them all.  But things are good here and I am learning something new each and every day.  I'm excited to work here another transfer and help the people here.  I know God has a lot in store.  I love you all!!!!!

- hermana Sorensen

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