August 26, 2013

Aug 6, 2013

Have now been out 203 days with about 302 left.  Crazy how time is flying.  This week has been one where it still seems like forever away, but I know I need to enjoy every hard minute and every joyful minute there is.
Well Howie was baptized Sunday!  It was so hectic trying to get everything ready with church going on, having to go to meetings, get papers filled out, etc.  But it turned out wonderful.  It's almost nicer to have baptisms on Sunday because everyone stays and attends!  It was packed!  It was great though.  This last week we actually committed another investigator to be baptized this weekend!  She's 9 years old, Angelina.  I'm pretty sure I've mentioned her before.  She was suppose to get baptized in June with her cousins Elayna and Audrina Flores, but the parents post-pond it due to family issues.  We've been trying to get her to be baptized ever since but the family has been moving house to house and we can never catch them.  They've been at the grandma's house this last week and so we've taken every chance we had to teach and get her ready.  We had bro Tauheluhelu with us and he offered to have a BBQ afterwards (that was one of their concerns; they didn't have a house to hold a party).  So they said yes and Angelina and her new 8 year old brother Daniel will be baptized Saturday.  I'm really nervous because I know the family is being kicked out of the Grandma's because of the landlord, so they might use that as an excuse.  But I hope and pray it finally happens.

This Sunday we were informed a gentleman in the Los Banos ward, Bill Stenberg, just passed away.  We visited with them about a month ago and then have been trying to have dinner with them the past couple weeks but they kept canceling because he wasn't feeling good.  They both are from Kaysville (went to Davis High) so it was really fun connecting with them on that.  He was a trooper.  He had kidney failure and was waiting for a transplant.  So we are very sad by the loss.  His funeral might be Saturday as well and so we might have to move the baptism any way.  But I am grateful for the chance I had to meet him.

This week has been a huge challenge companionship wise.  We are starting to butt heads and it is taking a tole on both of us.  I wish we could get a long always, but some peoples way of communication is not the same as others.  We have transfer calls this Saturday and transfers next Wednesday, so we will see what happens.  I don't even know what I want any more.  I want to stay here mostly because of the security of English speaking, but the area is really hard and so it would be nice to get away from it.  With all the missionaries coming in, we are out of cars so all of us have to start biking more.  Another reason why I'd like to stay here because we are out in the middle of no where and NEED a car.  Ha ha..  I just don't want to bike miles away in this heat.  No fun.  Haven't had to ride my bike yet, but I'm sure I will in the near future.

Nothing else really happened this week. I luckily did not come down with what Hermana Miller had, but I am suffering from bad allergies.  The other day my tongue went numb!  CRAZY!! I've never had an issue with allergies, but here it's horrible.  At least I hope it's allergies.  Maybe it's a head cold I don't know.  So it's been a slow week of trying to recover and get back into things.  Montserrat came to church!!!  She stayed a little bit for the baptism too!  It was so wonderful too because she said "I don't know if it was today or later this month that I was suppose to not eat.  So I did it today anyway."  She just makes me smile.  She is reading, praying, coming to church, and FASTING!!!  HA ha.. It's still scary though because she's not opening her heart all the way.  She is still very skeptical of everything and is doing these things we ask really cause she doesn't like saying no.  But I hope something clicks for her and she does all these things because she really does want to do all of these things.  

We did service this last week with all the Elders in Merced.  We planted starters for bushes and then painted the deck.  They had a ping pong table so I challenged Hermana Miller.  She needs practice. ;)  I can't wait to play some more ping pong when I get home.  This week we also had dinner with a family that has an exchange teacher at their home.  She's from Japan so it brought back a lot of memories of Maimi. :)  I wish I learned some Japanese from her so I could have talked to Sunny or said some things to her.

Thank you for everything and all you do.  I miss you all so terribly.  But I know I need to be here.  Congrats Kaylor!  I am happy you get to go back out and serve!  Go missionaries! :)  Keep up the letters, keep up the prayers.  I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tell everyone I say hi.

-hermana Sorensen

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